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February 27, 2020 07:00PM
Regarding a challenge involving counties (worldwide) and creating a checker for same are some countries not included ?
I have just had a go on a checker where you have to find caches in X number of counties - I did not qualify but the output only listed 11 of the 18 countries
I noted that countries such as Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Andorra, Indonesia and
Montenegro were not included in the output script (there may be many others but obviously this is based on my finds)
Is this because identifying counties in these countries is not possible or is there another reason ?

Thank you
Re: Counties
February 28, 2020 12:28AM
Counties are not defined for every country. Some countries don't even have regions defined. This makes sense because (particularly for small countries) it isn't always practical to subdivide the country. I can't speak for the reasons behind decisions to subdivide or not for specific countries, though.

If you have a look at the Maps tab of your Profile Stats, you will see that for some of the countries you only have "Regions" button but not "Counties". These are the countries which don't have counties defined in PGC. If there are no regions defined, the country probably wouldn't show up. Another way to check which wouldn't depend on you finding a cache there is to go to a tool like Map Compare, select the country and then check the region/county dropdown lists. If you pick Monaco or San Marino (for example), you will find no regions are defined.
Re: Counties
February 28, 2020 01:02AM
Thanks, I've had a play with map compare, and can see that some have regions, but these are not broken down into counties
Frustrating though - for example Croatia is described in Wiki as having 20 counties - yet this is not reflected in the PGC Mapping as it shows them as regions - so they dont get counted as counties for such challenges :?

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