Re: streak with adventure labs

streak with adventure labs
October 09, 2020 05:03PM
I don't think it is possible, but I wanted to confirm first. Is it possible to create a challenge checker that includes labs as finds? Specifically, I am asking about a year-long streak that has a handful of dates that only have lab cache finds. Groundspeak includes those in streak data but Project-GC does not and I wanted to confirm that a checker would not be able to account for this. Am I correct?

For instance, I completed my 365 streak yesterday but Project-GC shows my streak at 232 days because day 233 was labs only. Groundspeak shows me at 365 days.
Re: streak with adventure labs
October 10, 2020 03:16PM
It would certainly be possible (and I have done one previously like this). One thing to watch out for is that the Geocaching API doesn't always give the right dates for lab caches. This shouldn't impact you greatly, because the incorrect dates are usually because Geocaching uses Seattle timezone for the lab cache finds. Also, very few scripts have been written to allow for lab caches.

Your Project-GC stats show that you have a longest streak of 365 days (congratulations). I'm guessing your comment about Project-GC not including lab caches was to do with the Longest Streaks statistics page? That page likely does not include them so that all users are on an even footing, since labs are only used in any stats for paying members of Project-GC.
Re: streak with adventure labs
October 10, 2020 03:36PM
I definitely understand about the dates thing with Lab caches and know the dates mine are logged on. Yes, I just completed the 365 days but I have 3 dates with only labs and the checkers I have seen online do not account for labs at all. So you’re saying you would be able to create a checker for me that includes labs? Should I post a request and see if you could create one for me?
Re: streak with adventure labs
October 11, 2020 11:33PM
Yes, you can post a request. Or send it to me directly, either way. If you're posting it in the general request forum, please specify that lab caches are to count, or you'll probably end up with a checker which doesn't include them.
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