Checker not computing difficulty

Checker not computing difficulty
June 02, 2016 12:34PM appears to be correctly scoring that I have qualified for the challenge. However there is no difficulty score and is not noticing that I have found the cache.

Since the user scoring appears correct, it does not seem like a tag or script issue.

Re: Checker not computing difficulty
June 02, 2016 01:51PM
The problem is that the gc code is not added to the checker. The system does not which cache it is. You might have noticed that the namne is also missing
The CO have just added it to the path of the checker.
If the id exist the gccode can be anything in the url. If there is not id code this url should work.

Contact the "Tagged by:" on the checker page. there is an link with an envelope and as him/her to add the gc code.
only the tagger and script owner can change it
Re: Checker not computing difficulty
June 03, 2016 10:56PM
Yes, this was my mistake. It is fixed now.
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