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[Awaiting feedback] GC3RNFG - Request for Checker

[Awaiting feedback] GC3RNFG - Request for Checker
June 14, 2018 11:27PM
Our challenge cache Maine World Tour Challenge (GC3RNFG) has been live since 2012. We received a request to have a checker attached to this challenge cache.

It's goal: Find a cache of any type in each of these Maine towns

Denmark (Delorme grid 4)
Poland (Delorme grid 5)
Lisbon (Delorme grid 6)
Georgetown (Delorme grids 6/7) - added June 6 2016
Sweden (Delorme grid 10)
Norway (Delorme grids 10/11)
Paris (Delorme grid 11)
Peru (Delorme grid 11)
Wales (Delorme grid 12)
Belgrade (Delorme grids 12/20)
China (Delorme grid 13)
Belfast (Delorme grid 14)
Mexico (Delorme grid 19)
Madrid Twp (Delorme grids 19/29)
Rome (Delorme grid 20)
Vienna (Delorme grid 20)
Moscow (Delorme grid 30)
Athens (Delorme grid 31)
New Sweden (Delorme grid 64)
Additionally, find two additional Maine caches of any type.
(Delorme grids refer to the Maine Delorme atlas and are presented to aid in locating each town.)

This cache was made active before the 2016 challenge cache rules took effect. As cache owners, we have not yet satisfied this challenge. At time of publication, this rule was not in effect.

Thank you ... papollo & wifey
Re: GC3RNFG - Request for Checker
June 14, 2018 11:39PM
This might be possible if you can provide the coordinates for the bordering polygons of each town.

Would you accept a checker which only validates the towns themselves? I think it unlikely that someone will find one in each town without finding two others in the state. If you want the two additional finds in Maine to be checked as well, someone would probably need to write a new script, which would be unlikely to be high on a script-writer's priority list since it wouldn't be so reusable.
Re: GC3RNFG - Request for Checker
June 15, 2018 04:53PM

1) I can remove the "Find 2 additional caches" requirement - no problem.

2) I have a file of town polygons in comma-delimited, decimal format. Can you work with those? I can send an example town if needed.

papollo & wifey
Re: GC3RNFG - Request for Checker
June 29, 2018 09:26PM
I can work with the CSV file.

You might not want to change the conditions as that might trigger it being a new challenge and therefore prohibited.
Re: GC3RNFG - Request for Checker
October 17, 2019 02:12PM
What is the situation with this request?
If nobody is working on this, you can send me a sample of your coordinates so I can see if I can make the checker
Re: GC3RNFG - Request for Checker
November 15, 2019 11:54AM
This thread has not received any further feedback and will therefor be moved to ARCHIVE Checker requests (impossible). Should the requester have any queries he can raise his question on this thread in the archived section,
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