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Re: GC1VNJN - Modified Fizzy Challenge

[New script required] GC1VNJN - Modified Fizzy Challenge
August 27, 2018 01:00AM
based on GC1VNJN

Da' Rulz:
1) You need to find and log a geocache in every difficulty/terrain (D/T) combination--that's a total of 81 different D/T.
2) As part of the list of 81 caches, you need to have at least one from each of the following cache types: traditional, multi, unknown, earthcache, web cam, virtual, and letterbox.
3) Forty-two of the 81 D/T combinations MUST be located in Nebraska. All caches with with a Difficulty of 4 or less AND a Terrain of 3.5 or less must be logged in Nebraska--a mini-blackout, if you will. You may not count this cache as your 5/5.
4) UPDATE 1/10/2012--I have dropped the 'Found It' date requirement, but if I come across falsely inflated D or T on any new caches, they will be put on the NAUGHTY LIST.
5) There are a few notorious 'Liar' caches with high D and T, which have been archived (GC13HZN & GCZP7M). Those caches WILL NOT be accepted towards completing this challenge. As I become aware of other ones, I will update the list.

Naughty Caches--GC13HZN, GCZP7M, GC25ZJP, GC1VNCC, GC11Z37, GC196P2, GC1Q349, GC21DC0, GC1B5MH, GC1DDM3, GC1FXR3, GC19W03, GCY36P, GC5D2C, GC1KN3K, and GC2393A.

6) Prepare a list of caches for posting listing the D/T combination and name of cache. I've started my own list, so you can see how I've set it up.
7) Post your list, find this cache, sign the log, and leave a small personal token (if you like) to commemorate your achievement!
8) When you post the 'Found It', please add to your log your favorite NE cache. I'll try to keep track of those on the site.

Seeing the note that Boreal Walker logged, as CO I'm going to alter the requirements a little (Sorry Mrs CubsFanSean).

The Story:
The original requirements had the grid requirement AND a duty to log 55 NE caches with different D/T. Well I was contacted by the GSAK macro writer that they were putting together a macro to calculate Fizzys, and the 55 cache requirement was too difficult to calculate. An alternative would be a mini-NE fizzy. Since very few folks had logged it at that point, it was easy enough to change the requirements. What I've found out is that the mini-NE fizzy is now the most difficult requirement to log!

The Solution:
So with that in mind, I'm going to give folks two options. BOTH require the full grid blackout, but you can option for EITHER a mini-NE blackout OR the original 55 NE caches with different D/T. It is up to you.
Re: GC1VNJN - Modified Fizzy Challenge
October 09, 2018 01:30PM
There is no proper script which fits all the conditions as stated on the cache page where challenge caches are excluded in the results. A new script is required, But don't hold your breath, since this sort of challenge would no longer be allowed, so it's likely to be low priority for most script writers.
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