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Re: Feasibility? Fave points and challenges

[Cancelled] Feasibility? Fave points and challenges
January 05, 2019 04:47PM

I'm interested in creating a couple of challenge caches. The process is new to me. I read and hopefully understand the guidelines. I understand that checkers are required now. Before I went further, I wanted to ask if these ideas are feasible from a programming standpoint.

1. Favorite points checker
The challenge will require you to have found a cache that currently has 10+ favorite points, another with 20+ favorites, another with 30+ favorites, another with 40+ favorites, another with 50+ favorites, another with 100+ favorites, and finally one with 200+ favorites.
(the # of favorite points at the time of finding does not matter, only the current # of favorite points)

2. Checker for finding challenge caches
I want to make a challenge cache that requires you to have found other challenge caches. I haven't decided on exact numbers yet but I was thinking something like this for requirements:
Minimum 10 challenge caches found
Sum of difficulty ratings from the caches totals 30
Re: Feasibility? Fave points and challenges
January 05, 2019 08:34PM

When I started placing challenge caches, at least in my area, that there could be at most 3 in a theme..... I could not find this rule anywhere, but it seems to be well established. Lots of challenge caches are 'bronze', 'silver' and 'gold'.... So, maybe its different where you live, maybe not.

From a technical point of view, there is no issue with your requests.... Favourite Points can only be calculated on how many that hide has right now, so its good you are not asking about FP's on the find day.

The 'Find X Challenge Caches' would use the basis of cache type (must be 'Unknown') and the word 'Challenge' being present in the name.... so there could be a very small amount of false positives, but I dont think there would be another way to do it.

Once you have created your caches and have GC codes, post a new thread for each cache with the GC code and the specific requirements for that challenge
Re: Feasibility? Fave points and challenges
January 05, 2019 08:50PM
Thank you

There are very few challenges at all in my area and none like these ones so I think there shouldn’t be a problem in that regard.

It will still take me a few months to qualify for the challenges myself but now I know I can use the time to find a location, get the container ready, craft the cache page, etc.
Re: Feasibility? Fave points and challenges
January 05, 2019 08:52PM
The second proposal is not allowed because the guidelines do not allowe challenges based on a word in the title.
Re: Feasibility? Fave points and challenges
January 06, 2019 12:10AM
Thanks for the heads up! Too bad challenges aren’t their own type of cache.
Re: Feasibility? Fave points and challenges
January 05, 2019 08:56PM
My bad, I reread the guidelines again but didn't think/realise that 'Challenge' was thought of as a specific word in the title.....

I have seen challenges where one has to complete the DT grid purely in challenge caches.... I guess they are grandfathered and would not be allowed today
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