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[Cancelled] Checker for Emoji-CHALLENGE (GC8KNPF)

[Cancelled] Checker for Emoji-CHALLENGE (GC8KNPF)
February 20, 2020 01:31AM

I want to publish a Challenge Cache about emojis. To log the geocache, there is just one requirement:

* You must have found 13 geocaches with an emoji in the cache title.
* This may be the ordinary emojis known from WhatsApp, but also the monochrome ones. Special characters like %, &, § are no emojis.
* Your own logged event caches are excluded.

Could anyone make a challenge checker for this purpose, please?

Greetings from Germany

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Re: Checker for Emoji-CHALLENGE (GC8KNPF)
February 20, 2020 03:01AM
Sorry, this is not allowed under guideline 10:
Not acceptable
These cache page elements: cache titles, cache owner, GC Codes, publishing Reviewer, or cache page text.
Re: Checker for Emoji-CHALLENGE (GC8KNPF)
February 24, 2020 01:24AM
Such a shame, too - the find-this-in-the-title challenges are a lot of fun.
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