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[Cancelled] Request checker for GC8RGHX

[Cancelled] Request checker for GC8RGHX
May 24, 2020 06:17AM

For a new challenge I'm looking for a checker.
The challenge conditions are:

Find at least 3 caches with consecutive GC-codes. The caches have to be logged in the order of the gc-codes

For instance:
find number 1765 =GC8R001
find number 1766 =GC8R002
find number 1767 =GC8R003

If the order is GC8R003 - GC8R002 - GC8R001 the checker should be "red"

If the find order is:
GC8R001 = find number 1750
GC8R002 = find number 1800
GC8R003 = find number 1801

then also the chekcer should be "red"

I hope it's possible tocreate a checker for this?

Many thanks in advance,

Re: Request checker for GC8RGHX
May 24, 2020 07:38AM
I am very sorry, but this challenge is against Groupndspeak guidelines... even if we made the checker, your reviewer would not publish it.

Re: Request checker for GC8RGHX
May 24, 2020 07:41AM
Ahh Bummer, Topic can be closed
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