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[Cancelled] GC8T3N6 360 degree challenge
June 01, 2020 05:42PM

I would like to create a challenge cache demanding “to have logged a minimum of one cache in each of the 360 degrees sectors around your home location”

In you guideline you have amongst others written “The checkers does not have access to the user's home coordinates. Challenges are not allowed to be based upon them either, and haven't been allowed to for several years. This is a matter of integrity.” but at the same time there is a 360 tool available on ProjectGC where one can check exactly this.

Is it possible to write a script taking the player to this tool such that (s)he can check their status. I can of course insert the link and tell them to select the Tools-tab and then “360 from home” but a challenge checker type of button would of course look nicer.

Don’t know if this could be done or not but would like to try to test the concept with the reviewers.


Re: GC8T3N6 360 degree challenge
June 01, 2020 05:47PM
I'm sorry but since the introduction in 2016 of the challenge guidelines this type of challenge is no longer allowed.
Sectors are geographic areas other than country/state/county.

Please read https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=127&pgid=206#criteria

Not acceptable
Challenges based on geographic areas other than countries, states/provinces, counties (or their local equivalent). For example, user-defined mapping polygons, latitude/longitude, radius, etc.
Re: GC8T3N6 360 degree challenge
June 01, 2020 06:23PM

OK, I understand.

Would it be possible to create a 360-challenge with origo in Paris. If there is no given origo for Paris could those coordinates be chosen to be N 48° 51.325′ E 2° 17.650′ ?


Re: GC8T3N6 360 degree challenge
June 01, 2020 06:26PM
No, we don't have the possibility for this within the checker system
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