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Re: GC6MPKV - Day iterator - Level 1

[Resolved] GC6MPKV - Day iterator - Level 1
July 01, 2016 08:28PM
Let me start by saying, my apologies if this is already out there. Couldn't figure out how to locate a checker. I imagine that this might just need a new Tag of an existing checker.

This checker would see if the user has found the same number of caches as the day of the month, in any month of any year. So on the 1st of any month, find 1, the 2nd, find 2, the 15th find 15.

As the new guidelines say I must qualify for the challenge, the Level 1 version will only be from 1 through 6. With the hopes that eventually this is (of will be) a generic type checker and I can expand from there.

Thanks for all your hard work.
Wish I could help directly with scripts and tags, but will have to be patient and wait.
Re: GC6MPKV - Day iterator - Level 1
July 01, 2016 09:38PM
It's not completely clear what you mean but are you looking for this

[bdp](https://www.geocaching.com/profile/?u=bdp) has used [Project-GC](http://project-gc.com/Challenges//21755 "Project-GC Challenge Checker") to see if he/she qualified for this challenge and he/she did.

01: 7 GC1Q898, 2016-06-01,
02: 8 GC4KQ97, 2016-06-02, GC6BFZR, 2016-03-02,
03: 7 GC2WE7J, 2016-06-03, GC22Z2X, 2016-04-03, GC5Q6XG, 2016-05-03,
04: 8 GC6ARQH, 2016-03-04, GC45D24, 2016-06-04, GC6C4W8, 2016-04-04, GC642FN, 2016-05-04,
05: 8 GC21KPF, 2016-06-05, GCTZH5, 2016-04-05, GC5W91J, 2015-08-05, GC397V2, 2016-01-05,
GC5BT1B, 2016-05-05,
06: 9 GC3NJ8T, 2016-03-06, GC6128G, 2016-06-06, GC5RM41, 2015-09-06, GC373CD, 2016-05-06,
GC50FBH, 2015-08-06, GC660F8, 2016-04-06,
Re: GC6MPKV - Day iterator - Level 1
July 02, 2016 03:10AM
Thanks for the quick response!
Not quite but then again I'm probably not using the right words.
I will try to make it clearer - on my profile stats where it shows my finds for each day of the year, it's clearer to see as I haven't got overlapping years yet except for 1 cache.

For the 1st of the month - July 1st and Dec 1st, I have 1 find.
For the 2nd of the month - only June 2nd qualifies with 2 finds
For the 3rd of the month - - Only Sept 3rd qualifies with 3 finds
For the 4th of the month - Only Sept 4th qualifies with 4 finds
For the 5th of the month - Only June 5th qualifies with 5 finds
For the 6th of the month - Both January 6th and May 6th qualify with 6 finds
--- if I was allowed to continue with the challenge, I would also qualify with -- but I don't have 7 finds on the 7.
8th - January 8th qualifies

Originally, I wanted to make the challenge be 1 on the 1st through to 31 on the 31st, but I don't qualify.

Hopefully this helps to explain what I'm thinking.
Output probably would be just the first qualifying date for those with multiple years of caching history?
Re: GC6MPKV - Day iterator - Level 1
July 02, 2016 10:13AM
A modification for the same challenge but in a year

And a tag for 31 days

I hope i understood correctly
Re: GC6MPKV - Day iterator - Level 1
July 02, 2016 04:30PM
The interpretation is correct but it should be 6 days in stead of 5 days
Re: GC6MPKV - Day iterator - Level 1
July 02, 2016 04:31PM
Re: GC6MPKV - Day iterator - Level 1
July 02, 2016 09:04PM
Thanks! Not quite what I had in mind, but I can live with this.
After looking at the code and the results and my stats, I figured out that this
is doing Finds on Day X of Month >= X ( or if I read the code correctly, this might be Finds on Day X > X)
I had originally thought of Finds on Day X of Month = X but I can live happily with this solution as well.

With this code, I personally qualify for 8 instead of 6 (yay!), so could we change the tag on 21762 to be nr: 8?

Thanks so much!
This rocks!
Re: GC6MPKV - Day iterator - Level 1
July 03, 2016 09:22AM
It is changed to 8
The name was incorrect and it is finds >=number of day.

The output is not optimal when this you can fill the day over years but the checker is a smale change on a smilar when the finds had to be on a day any year

I marked it as a resolved request
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