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Re: GC3GK87 - Explorer 146 Challenge

[Resolved] GC3GK87 - Explorer 146 Challenge
July 02, 2016 01:55PM
An existing cache.

Requirement: To find one (or more) caches in at least 146 different squares within Explorer map 146. It is the published (dummy) co-ordinates that determine the square the cache is in.

There are already 4 very similar checkers:-
GC4QC2N - Explorer 250 Challenge Cache
GC4Y6PT - Explorer 209 Challenge
GC45EC2 - Explorer 157 Challenge
GC41X9F - Explorer 221 Challenge
Re: GC3GK87 - Explorer 146 Challenge
July 02, 2016 02:44PM
The have been asked about before on the old QA.
The problem is that the squares are defined in British Ordnance Survey grid and geocaches are in WGS84
Someone hav to write a converter in LUA because the check has to be done in BNG because squares in BNG will not be squares in WGS84 but complex curves
No one have done
A new script is needed
Re: GC3GK87 - Explorer 146 Challenge
July 02, 2016 04:51PM
The 4 I have done require a lot of conversion of coordinates which takes a lot of time.
There will be a slight difference half way between the square of 1000 meters but this was acceptable for the ones which are checked. This difference will change with every sqaure but the way the challenge is set it does not change a lot.
Out of 660 squares you require in your case only 146 squares.

They are on my to do list but the holiday period is not the wright time for me
Re: GC3GK87 - Explorer 146 Challenge
August 09, 2016 11:54AM
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