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Re: Checker request GC85MAH

[Resolved] Checker request GC85MAH
April 01, 2019 02:49PM
Could I request a very simple checker.

I'd like to set a challenge for finding 6 icons in the lifetime of the finder.

But - those 6 icons must be

No other icons allowed for this particular challenge.
Re: Checker request GC85MAH
April 01, 2019 02:52PM
Please provide the geocache code.
Re: Checker request GC85MAH
April 01, 2019 03:01PM
Here is the link https://project-gc.com/Challenges/GC85MAH/41696

Please test and reply
Re: Checker request GC85MAH
April 01, 2019 03:08PM
Hi, it doesn't quite work for some reason. It lists the right 6 caches but then tells me I don't qualify and I need 8 types?

Oh no, how unlucky!
meltdiceburg does not qualify for this Challenge yet.
But don't worry! Your on right track to fulfil the Challenge soon. Let's go to find some boxes out there!
In total, you found 39126 geocaches, qualified for this challenge.

You found at least 1 caches from each of 6 cache types (8 cache types are required).
Your qualified finds are listed here:
# type Cache Found date
1/1 Wherigo Cache wherigo.gif Saffron Walden Town Trail (GC2NQRN) 2014-11-16
2/1 Unknown Cache 8.gif 9. Kent Mega 2015 Challenge Cache (GC5M9T5) 2015-05-02
3/1 Traditional Cache 2.gif Crooked Rocket Tree (GC3NA3M) 2014-01-27
4/1 Letterbox Hybrid 5.gif TALLAM #18 : Cattle Grid (GC4T4W4) 2015-02-22
5/1 Multi-cache 3.gif Little Bridges # 834 - St. Peter-in-the-Rushes #5 (GC6DQA7) 2017-04-10
6/1 Earthcache earthcache.gif Musbury Heights Quarry (GC6CZFF) 2016-04-19
Re: Checker request GC85MAH
April 01, 2019 03:17PM
I made a typing error , it should be green this time
Re: Checker request GC85MAH
April 01, 2019 03:22PM
Thank you, that looks great.
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