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Re: Checker for - GC8EDJ4

[Resolved] Checker for - GC8EDJ4
October 05, 2019 04:57AM
Hi Guys
I am after a checker for the following challenge:

To qualify for this challenge, you require to have attended at least 100 Events of Any type including Event, CITO, Mega, GIGA, GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit, Geocaching HQ Block Party, Geocaching HQ Celebration or Community Celebration Event.

I qualify for this challenge with 155 events attended

Thanks Dan
Re: Checker for - GC8EDJ4
October 05, 2019 07:06AM
Hi Dan, here is your checker. Can you p[lease test it and get back to us

Re: Checker for - GC8EDJ4
October 05, 2019 07:40AM
Thanks Greyhams, Love your work and thanks for your time
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