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[Resolved] GC8KT3V (And More!) Streak Challenge

[Resolved] GC8KT3V (And More!) Streak Challenge
February 22, 2020 06:57AM

I apologize for the flood of requests, but we are creating a new “Challenge Trail” of sorts. There are a total of 13 different challenges, each with a “Bronze”, “Silver”, and “Gold” level, for a total of 39 checkers needed.

Since the “Bronze”, “Silver”, and “Gold” are basically the same checker validation with slightly different criteria, I am including them all in this post. Please let me know if I should create separate posts for every GC code

To the best of my knowledge, I have qualified for each challenge submitted.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

This is a simple challenge that involves a geocaching streak. Users must sustain a streak for the appropriate number of days.

GC8KT3P - Bronze - 7 Day Streak
GC8KT3Q - Silver - 180 Day Streak
GC8KT3V - Gold 365 Day Streak
Re: GC8KT3V (And More!) Streak Challenge
February 22, 2020 08:44AM
Re: GC8KT3V (And More!) Streak Challenge
June 01, 2020 04:23PM

I'm sorry for the late response on this one, but as we were getting the cache pages ready to publish, I noticed one small thing I would like to see if we can change on the checker script.

The validation is working fine. I get a green check when people qualify and a red "X" when they don't. I get these as expected for people.

The only thing is that when they do pass, I get the green check mark and this message:

[[GeoMonkeyTiger!](https://www.geocaching.com/profile/?u=GeoMonkeyTiger!) has used [Project-GC](https://project-gc.com/Challenges/GC8KT3V/49137 "Project-GC Challenge Checker") to see if they qualified for this challenge and they did.

## Challenge: ##
loop #1: streak of 365 days -- NOT achieved; best: 404 days from 2016-11-29 to 2018-01-06i]

So, the text at the beginning says that the person passed, but the message at the end says "NOT achieved"

Can we change this to remove the "NOT" when someone passes the script?

Thanks so much, and I apologize that I didn't catch this before. All three scripts are behaving the same.
Re: GC8KT3V (And More!) Streak Challenge
February 23, 2020 02:00AM
This one appears to be correctly determining whether the person meets the qualifications.

My only request has to do with how the checkers handle "Fail".

When someone passes the test (all three levels), it will show how many days the person has had a streak for. When they fail a test, it seems to only show that their longest streak was 1 day.

I used Maidenamanda for an example. She has a 4-day streak, but all of the checkers say her best was 1 day. It would be ideal if it would report the true number of days....

Thanks in advance for updating and thank you for the quick response to get this far!!!

Re: GC8KT3V (And More!) Streak Challenge
February 23, 2020 02:11AM
I've adjusted the checker to give the best streak in case of failure.
Re: GC8KT3V (And More!) Streak Challenge
February 23, 2020 02:19AM
This looks great!! Checker is complete!

Thanks so much for the super-fast turnaround!!

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