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Re: New Checker

[Resolved] New Checker
June 07, 2020 06:12PM
Hello again
Could not get this published.

(Hello I would like a checker like this one https://project-gc.com/Challenges/GC8KN7R/49056 for this cache

Would like to change the checker to 150 multicacher logged in a total of 20 municipalities around the world.
The problem is that I do not know how many municipalities I have myself so it would be good if it says in the checker how many people have logged.

Re: New Checker
June 07, 2020 07:04PM
Here is the link https://project-gc.com/Challenges/GC8TF6D/51952

Please test and reply
Re: New Checker
June 07, 2020 07:21PM

Can you change to 30 municipalities around the world?
Re: New Checker
June 07, 2020 07:25PM
Changed to 30 counties
Re: New Checker
June 07, 2020 07:36PM
Thanks (tu)
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