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May 30, 2020 06:06AM

I have seen many, many requests for Challenges involving other Challenges found.

Obviously we cannot use the word Challenge in the title as this is against guidelines (and inaccurate) but I was thinking about what if we could get the list of finds the user has found with published challenge checkers.

I see two main problems with a new GetFindsWithChallengeCheckers:

1 - the information strictly speaking wouldn't come from Geocaching.com..... BUT, when you think about it.... the info IS there as every Challenge published since the guidelines must have a checker on the page, at Geocaching.com.
2 - Not all challenges have checkers.... but its is an every shrinking proportion

What does everyone else think?
Re: GetFindsWithChallengeCheckers
May 31, 2020 04:27AM
There are about 1800 caches with the word challenge in the cache title which are just puzzle caches. And this number is rising with 200 to 300 every year.
Liikewise there are also about 650 challenge caches which do not carry the word challenge in the cache title.

The other problem is the guidelines i.e. Source of criteria
Challenge cache criteria
- must come from information broadly available on Geocaching.com such as on the statistics page, cache placement dates, types, attributes, souvenirs, etc.
- must be verifiable through information on Geocaching.com.
Re: GetFindsWithChallengeCheckers
August 13, 2020 06:59AM
As vogelbird says. It's against the Guidelines to create such challenge. It has been tried, including appeals. HQ does not approve.
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