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Switzerland polygons

Switzerland polygons
July 03, 2018 01:27PM
Updated Switzerland after HQs name updates.

The following regions has changed name:
Regions only in Switzerland (PGC old):
Bern - Berne
Fribourg - Freiburg
Graubünden - Grigioni - Grischun
Sankt Gallen
Valais - Wallis
Regions only in _tmp_Switzerland (new):
St. Gallen

All counties will change name. They were prefixed with an abbreviation but will get a number now instead. There might also be added or removed counties.

Scripts and tags that are likely to be affected:
Potentially affected scripts (source code matches a region/country that has been added/removed):
  scriptId:884  creator:endator  scriptName:Alpen Challenge - All In
  scriptId:1462  creator:king-ton  scriptName:Finds in european capitals
  scriptId:1468  creator:king-ton  scriptName:[DEV] Finds in european capitals
  scriptId:1548  creator:jpavlik  scriptName:Spell Circles
  scriptId:3150  creator:sloth96  scriptName:23
Potentially affected scripts (config matches a region/country that has been added/removed):
  tagId:6450  creator:whiterussian_ch  gccode:GC369P0
  tagId:14923  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC46CC0
  tagId:22198  creator:RILLS  gccode:GC6PVHZ
  tagId:8084  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC2HQAR
  tagId:15909  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC18EX3
  tagId:17773  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GCVG5N
  tagId:19743  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC23N03
  tagId:19993  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC2DVNJ
  tagId:20332  creator:cldisme  gccode:GC4AG5K
  tagId:22587  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC60YJ7
  tagId:23318  creator:whiterussian_ch  gccode:GC6WG3E
  tagId:25980  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC741M4
  tagId:27787  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC79CDT
  tagId:29700  creator:al1pb  gccode:?
  tagId:31027  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC7GKGH
  tagId:31028  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC7GKFV
  tagId:32235  creator:al1pb  gccode:?
  tagId:35190  creator:pieterix  gccode:GC7QK8N
  tagId:35656  creator:sumbloke  gccode:GC7RCEQ
  tagId:35900  creator:al1pb  gccode:?
  tagId:22375  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6QR0Q
  tagId:23310  creator:whiterussian_ch  gccode:GC6WG3D
  tagId:21730  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6W35V
  tagId:24351  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6ZEZR
  tagId:32602  creator:msei  gccode:?
  tagId:24564  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6ZF3B
  tagId:24562  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6ZF39
  tagId:25018  creator:Turako  gccode:GC6ZF98
  tagId:21729  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6MJRA
  tagId:22742  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6T3MH
  tagId:20803  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6JN9Z
  tagId:21899  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6NDCV
  tagId:32545  creator:msei  gccode:?
  tagId:35784  creator:msei  gccode:GC7RKCX
  tagId:25198  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC71HR7
  tagId:32352  creator:msei  gccode:GC7HYK5
  tagId:33176  creator:msei  gccode:?
  tagId:21727  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6MJZG
  tagId:21723  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6MK21
  tagId:21724  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6MK18
  tagId:22653  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC5F61P
  tagId:21893  creator:whiterussian_ch  gccode:GC6NCB0
  tagId:34305  creator:whiterussian_ch  gccode:?
  tagId:24557  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6ZEY1
  tagId:32603  creator:msei  gccode:?
  tagId:31727  creator:msei  gccode:?
  tagId:22254  creator:Turako  gccode:GC6QB69
  tagId:31878  creator:msei  gccode:GC7HKJB
  tagId:31724  creator:msei  gccode:GC7HA2K
  tagId:24561  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6ZF38
  tagId:14947  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC4TDF3
  tagId:24558  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6ZF2W
  tagId:14946  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC592MB
  tagId:21726  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6MK08
  tagId:24568  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6ZF3E
  tagId:24559  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6ZF37
  tagId:21813  creator:whiterussian_ch  gccode:GC6MZPW
  tagId:21986  creator:Turako  gccode:GC6NVWM
  tagId:22369  creator:Ionpaint  gccode:GC6QR0Q
  tagId:21957  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6NQH7
  tagId:23785  creator:Turako  gccode:GC6XPKK
  tagId:21728  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6MJTE
  tagId:34251  creator:msei  gccode:GC7N2X6
  tagId:24563  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6ZF3A
  tagId:35912  creator:msei  gccode:?
  tagId:31736  creator:msei  gccode:?
  tagId:32601  creator:msei  gccode:?
  tagId:24566  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6ZF3D
  tagId:32962  creator:msei  gccode:GC7J3XQ
  tagId:33552  creator:msei  gccode:GC7KPMR
  tagId:11234  creator:Target.  gccode:GC5F61P
  tagId:34938  creator:msei  gccode:GC7Q24Y
  tagId:22256  creator:Turako  gccode:GC6QB60
  tagId:21725  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6MK0V
  tagId:24565  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6ZF3C
  tagId:33528  creator:msei  gccode:GC7KN0X

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Re: France polygons
July 03, 2018 03:20PM
You probably mean regions in Switserland.
Unfortunately I cannot change any checkers this month due to a sailing holiday
Re: France polygons
July 03, 2018 03:36PM
You are correct. I seem to be quite tired in my head. Will update the topic/subject.

Currently working on Norway. Shouldn't be much of a change, but the polygons are very detailed and it's taking the servers an eternity.
Re: France polygons
July 12, 2018 03:09PM
Updated the live challenges
Still to check and alter
tagId:22375 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6QR0Q
tagId:24351 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZEZR
tagId:24564 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZF3B
tagId:24562 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZF39
tagId:22742 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6T3MH
tagId:24557 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZEY1
tagId:24561 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZF38
tagId:24558 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZF2W
tagId:24568 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZF3E
tagId:24559 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZF37
tagId:24563 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZF3A
tagId:24566 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZF3D
tagId:24565 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZF3C
Re: Switzerland polygons
July 04, 2018 11:34PM

tagId:35656 creator:sumbloke gccode:GC7RCEQ
I just checked this and it's a false positive.
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