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Re: method GetSouvenirs

method GetSouvenirs
June 25, 2019 12:53PM
Due to changes with the new API from HQ the method GetSouvenirs() will drop its support of returning GUIDs, instead it will return numeric IDs.

There are 8 affected scripts, with belonging tags. No tags that uses the GUIDs themselves. I am in process of updating the scripts. When writing this I am done with 4/8 (those starting with ! below).

! 533 254729 => pinkunicorn
! 838 2481816 => Tanjent
! 999 2481816 => Tanjent
! 1503 891244 => sumbloke
2442 5764407 => famv17
2982 3569600 => sm07
3401 9503389 => pieterix
4267 19277027 => GreyHams

Example url to go straight to a script: https://project-gc.com/Tools/Challenges?edit&scriptId=1503

There is of course a risk that I am updating the scripts wrongly, but I am really trying. This far they have all been based on the first one.
Re: method GetSouvenirs
June 25, 2019 12:55PM
There is also a group-support in the LUA callback these days, I am using that when possible instead of hard coded (often outdated) lists.
Re: method GetSouvenirs
July 22, 2019 10:55PM
https://project-gc.com/forum/read?8,30790 talks about script 999 not working. I had a look at the source and it's trying to use GUIDs...
Re: method GetSouvenirs
July 27, 2019 06:14PM
Hi, I write the script in question. Just saw a notification on GC.COM about this issue; I'll get the required fixes in the code this weekend.
Re: method GetSouvenirs
July 27, 2019 10:15PM
Script 999 updated; seems to be working now for both tagged challenges
Re: method GetSouvenirs
July 28, 2019 07:03AM
Great! I didn't get as far as looking into it. Somehow my script search obviously missed script 999.
Re: method GetSouvenirs
July 28, 2019 07:20PM
It's the 3rd entry in your first post...
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