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August 12, 2019 11:19AM
In the process of updating Estonia. A thread was created in the QA forum stating that there was a change. Seems there are many more.

Two quotes from Wikipedia.
* The Republic of Estonia is divided into fifteen counties (Maakonnad), which are the administrative subdivisions of the country.
* As of October 2017, after the Administrative reform of Estonia, there are a total of 79 municipalities in Estonia, 14 of them being urban and 65 rural. Previously there were 213 municipalities.

The first is no change, but the second definitely is. Project-GC even had 227 counties for Estonia.

I did some simple looking into Challenge checker configs, but could not see that anything was affected. It was based on sloppy searches for configs with Estonia and variations of counties in them though.

There is not a single change in the region names, but more or less all the county names have been changed.

My compare-script for new vs old polygons found these potential ones though:
Potentially affected scripts (source code matches a region/country that has been added/removed):
scriptId:1462 creator:king-ton scriptName:Finds in european capitals
scriptId:1468 creator:king-ton scriptName:[DEV] Finds in european capitals
scriptId:4056 creator:CachINGs scriptName:Capital Checker
Potentially affected tags (config matches a region/country that has been added/removed):
tagId:24021 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZFMP
tagId:24384 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZFMP
tagId:41172 creator:Rikitan gccode:GC84MEG

My guess is that it's because "Tallinn linn" has been renamed to "Tallinn".

PS! The update is still in progress.
Re: Estonia
August 12, 2019 03:03PM
Managed to update on the mobile.
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