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Re: Cyprus

October 15, 2020 09:30AM
I'll be updating Polygons on Cyprus today. The current data is from February 2017 and seems incomplete. Actually, the data is correct, but Geocaching isn't.

Cyprus is an island. Two parts of the island are army bases belonging to Britain(?). Not important. What is important is that geocaches in these areas also has the country Cyprus set at Geocaching.com, therefore we have to include those polygon into Cyprus.

Cyprus will go from the six (correct) region polygons into having eight polygons. The new polygons are:
* Akrotiri
* Dhekelia
Re: Cyprus
October 15, 2020 09:32AM
There is also some other issue where the map of it isn't drawn correctly in Profile stats. Maybe it solves itself with the new data. Otherwise I will look into that.
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