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Re: Exception list

Exception list
December 15, 2021 07:12PM
HQ has removed the old exception list with traveling geocaches and similar (BM1A6W6). A new list (with same/similar) content has been created on another account (BMAFMJR).

In the future, make sure you refer to the correct list with the Challenge checkers. Tomorrow I will try to search and replace all occurrences of the old BM-code to the new one. Both inside the scripts, and the tags. There are 53 affected scripts and 10 tags (plus those depending on the 53 scripts).

Challenge checkers depending on Project-GC's excludeTraveling option which exists for some methods have just been corrected to use the new BML.

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Re: Exception list
December 16, 2021 08:55AM
Scripts and tags have been updated.
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