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USA polygons

USA polygons
January 14, 2022 11:55AM
I will update the polygon data for USA as well.

There has been some renames in OSM, but I will rename them in Project-GC when importing, to make it easier for everyone. The only change I can see is that county Valdez-Cordova (AK) in Alaska will be split into two:
[*] Chugach (AK)
[*] Copper River (AK)

The final import will take at least one more week until it happens. Waiting on polygon data to be calculated. It's a 7-10 day job to calculate the polygon of USA against the coastline.
Re: USA polygons
January 17, 2022 08:27AM
There are also these name changes, that are more of corrections. It must be some form of mistake on my part that they have a double suffix today.

[*] Carroll County (IL) (Illinois) -> Carroll County (IL)
[*] Carroll County (MD) (Maryland) -> Carroll County (MD)
[*] Lee County (IL) (Illinois) -> Lee County (IL)
[*] Morgan County (WV) (West Virginia) -> Morgan County (WV)
[*] Southeast Fairbanks (AK) (Alaska) -> Southeast Fairbanks (AK)
[*] Stephenson County (IL) (Illinois) -> Stephenson County (IL)
[*] Whiteside County (IL) (Illinois) -> Whiteside County (IL)
[*] Winnebago County (IL) (Illinois) -> Winnebago County (IL)
Re: USA polygons
January 17, 2022 08:30AM
Importing the new polygons now, to get the name corrections in there. I will have to do another import in a week to get a proper polygon for the country itself, but that shouldn't affect anything but visuals on maps. And probably not even possible to see the difference anyway.
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