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[Awaiting feedback] Mod (simplification) requested to Checker for GC8E7ZN: now 555 total caches in [certain location]

[initially posted a version of this as a reply to the original thread and it won't let me delete there so please just ignore that one.]

Wish I didn't need to ask you to undo the complex logic after you did such a great job on it, so apologies for the time you spent on that. Would you please simplify the existing checker (https://project-gc.com/Challenges/GC8E7ZN/49401)?
Reviewer did think this suggested simplification would be okay: "find 555 in Fairfax County, VA and/or Fairfax City, VA". It's possible that "at least 555 in Fairfax, VA" will work as far as the coding goes, as in our initial exchange there was something about the database not necessarily distinguishing between cities and counties.

The city is nested within the county and a lot of folks, even in the area, don't really understand they're separate localities.
Folks sometimes send ballot requests addressed to the registrar in the wrong one of the two, as has been in the news this week.

Why the change? It turns out my original idea, at least 555 total in any 5 cities/counties starting with "F", either of 2 ways, didn't pass muster after all :( Had thought they'd said it would be OK. Nope - said it counted as a sort of spelling challenge. They said it's also not allowed to do the requirements using a list of specific places that start with 'F'.

That was mid-spring. Frustration and being busy with other things (mostly pandemic-related, directly or cascading) put this and some of my other caches on the back burner for a very long time. Finally able to address them again.

Thanks in advance. Hope you're staying safe.
Here is your new checker. I looked at the last one but it seemed like a blank stub....not sure why (edit: therefore I wasn't sure what script the old one was based up and if it could be easily modified... my apologies to the original checker creator if so).

Can you test this new one and get back to us.


Mods/Admins: could you please delete the last checker once the OP is happy with the new one

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Thanks for diving into this so quickly!

I ran the new checker (on myself). It got my 712 from Fairfax County correctly, but it didn't catch any of my 12 from Fairfax City.
Sorry, a typo on my part... the 'Fairfax city (VA)" county is spelt with a small 'c'. All fixed.
Re: Mod (simplification) requested to Checker for GC8E7ZN: now 555 total caches in [certain location]
August 09, 2020 11:55AM
@ olalb - can you remove checker https://project-gc.com/Challenges/GC8E7ZN/49401

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Numbers worked that time. Thank you.

Would you please change the output to read something like, "You [do not yet] qualify for the challenge: you have found X caches in Fairfax County, VA and Y caches in Fairfax City, VA, for a total of Z."? Appreciate it.
Re: Mod (simplification) requested to Checker for GC8E7ZN: now 555 total caches in [certain location]
August 09, 2020 04:43PM
Yes that is possible but it will be a different script
This is as close as I could get. I suspect that it could be done 'nicer' with the easy tagging script, but not sure. If anyone else wants to try, please do.

re: https://project-gc.com/Challenges/GC8E7ZN/53666 (see * below for output for my own numbers)

Appreciate your efforts, but that's not quite what I was going for. It's a combination pass/fail, not a pass of one or the other location, and there aren't three tests to pass. There's just one test: if sum >= 555, pass.

As far as output logic: try something like (and I don't know the scripting language used, so this is generic):
numFfxCity = count_caches_in_location(Fairfax_City_VA)
numFfxCounty = count_caches_in_location(Fairfax_County_VA)
sumFfx = numFfxCity + numFfxCounty
print "You found ",numFfxCity," caches in Fairfax City, VA and ",numFfxCounty," in Fairfax County, VA, for a total of ",sumFfx,"."
if (sumFfx >= 555) {
print "You qualify for this challenge."
else {
print "You do not yet qualify for this challenge."


* - script output was:
"Find at least 555 caches in Fairfax County or Farifax City, Virginia" <-- nb: *Fairfax*
Qualifying 724 / 555, PASSED

"Finds in Fairfax County, Virginia"
Qualifying 712, PASSED

"Finds in Fairfax city, Virginia"
Qualifying 12, PASSED

All tests, Qualifying 3 / 3, PASSED
The second and third 'test' are passed by everybody, as there is no minimum. They were only there to show the totals for each county.

If anyone else can tag an existing script to provide an acceptable output, or of course write a new script, then please do.
Re: Mod (simplification) requested to Checker for GC8E7ZN: now 555 total caches in [certain location]
August 10, 2020 10:47AM
The only alternative is when you give a point for each cache found

Please test and reply
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