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Re: 11 Icons challenge

11 Icons challenge
September 16, 2019 03:00PM
I am aware that several years ago HQ dictated that the number of cachet types (icons) allowed to be used in a challenge would be limited to 8.
I am under the impression that since the moratorium this was relaxed and 11 icons is now allowed
Am I wrong ?
Is there anything written to verify this 'ruling'

Thank you

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Re: 11 Icons challenge
September 27, 2019 05:19PM
Here's a link to the challenge cache guidelines available from Geocaching HQ.

Challenge Cache Guidelines

Unfortunately I don't see anything that specifically says a firm number allowed on number of cache types per challenge.

I think it would depend more on the type of challenge you're attempting to create to ensure it meets the rest of the guidelines.
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