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Unincorporated Areas of Australia

Unincorporated Areas of Australia
January 02, 2020 07:58AM
I have a couple of challenges in Australia that use the LGA areas.

Over the last couple of weeks something has happened with the unincorporated areas. They seem to have now been excluded from the checker results.

This has led to some previous qualified cachers now no longer qualifying.

Does anyone know what has happened and is there a fix.



Re: Unincorporated Areas of Australia
January 05, 2020 10:46PM
It looks like "Unincorporated SA(4)" has been renamed to "Unincorporated SA (4)" (note that a space has been added between "SA" and the parenthesis). I would guess that other unincorporated areas have probably been renamed similarly.
Re: Unincorporated Areas of Australia
January 06, 2020 06:29AM
I will ask today if there are other changes because the json on the checkers needs updating which takes time due to e-mail exchange with PGC-HQ and uploading.
Re: Unincorporated Areas of Australia
January 07, 2020 05:51PM
The problems are sorted indeed caused by the name changes which sumbloke already detected but also because Unincorp. Other Territories (9) had moved to a different region. It moved from New South Wales to Australian Capital Territory
Re: Unincorporated Areas of Australia
January 08, 2020 03:27AM
Thanks for everyone's assistance
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