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Question about Challenge Names

Question about Challenge Names
February 21, 2020 04:13PM
Quick question...

When I submit a checker request, I know I need to provide a GC code for the request.

When I use a challenge checker, I see the GC code and name of the cache.

Is that a dynamic field? Does the checker use the GC code to get the name of the cache? If I request a checker for a GC code, then change the name of the cache (NOT the GC code), will the updated name be reflected on the checker? Or do I have to have the name locked down before I request the checker?

Re: Question about Challenge Names
February 21, 2020 09:51PM
The checker is only attached to the CGcode because Project-GC doesn't have access to unpublished caches, hence the "?" you see there. Once your challenge cache is published (or within a reasonable time thereafter), your cache name will appear there.

In other word the title of the cache is not imported and if changed even when published will change accordingly
Re: Question about Challenge Names
February 21, 2020 09:53PM
THANK YOU!!!! I appreciate the quick answer!!
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