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Daily Updating & Badges

Daily Updating & Badges
March 12, 2020 11:42AM
Hi All

I have a few questions about Daily Updating & Badges.

Firstly I got a yearly membership so my Project GC profile would update but it has stayed the same since I upgraded the membership over two weeks ago. My find count is about 250 caches out. I thought that with membership it is ment to update daily, Is this not correct?

Also I have not got al the badges displayed for example I also upgraded my Project GC membership so that lab caches would be displayed. I cant see the lab cache badge even though I have more than 250 lab caches.

Do the Stats update daily with premium membership?

Thanks for the advice
Re: Daily Updating & Badges
March 12, 2020 02:29PM
Maybe use the "Support" button top-right and "Self-Support" and "Refresh number of finds". If that doesn't help, you might need to submit a proper support ticket so the Project-GC staff can investigate.
Re: Daily Updating & Badges
March 12, 2020 10:43PM
For the lab caches being included, you may need to enable the settings. On your profile stats page, look for the "Would you like to hide these stats?" link in the top-right and make sure "Include lab cache finds where applicable" is checked.

Also, could you please compare https://project-gc.com/Profile/ProfileStats to https://project-gc.com/ProfileStats/DARKSIDEDAN ? The first is your personal view, the second is the public view that others will see. The second says it was generated yesterday and its total count says "DARKSIDEDAN has 6739 finds on 6724 unique geocaches,
plus 237 lab caches, a total of 6976 finds", which matches your Geocaching.com total.

(BTW, hi Dan)
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