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Can a checker be made for GC4QZ7A Challenge: Seven Pillars of Geocaching

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Is it possible to make a checker for GC4QZ7A Challenge: Seven Pillars of Geocaching? A Challenge in the Netherlands.

There is already a checker for the Swedish version, but mine is a little bit different:

- Pillar 5 (Adventure): Instead of Event Caches my Challenge requests 7 Nightcaches on 7 different days (Night Cache-attribute can be used).

- Pillar 6: (Collaboration): all cachetypes are allowed except Event-caches.

As an extra request: is it possible to show in the output the 7 caches needed for that Pillar with the found date? I am always curious how people reached there goal. If not, the output used for the Swedish version is just fine.

Kind regards,

Roland a.k.a. Coyote0510

asked Apr 26, 2016 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by Coyote0510 (250 points)
The script for the Swedish version is written by ganja1447 probably before the challenges checker were written in Lua so it is not possible to re-use it as it is.
Though it should not be difficult to write a new one.

The Swedish is also printing out not-rewritten strings: @PROFILENAME_URLENCODED@
which should be fixed (probably by rewriting the checker to Lua).
It can almost be done with my "Multiple test Checker" but it lacks the attribute filter option.
I have plans to implement that but have not yet but they will be added sometime hopefully soon

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