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Hi. I went to tag a script and make a variation that is not tagged (I checked them all by doing a key word search). 25 results but nothing exact of what I want

I copied the config from an existing similar tag, and just changed the words to what I want. After I hit save, it says "error saving".  


{ "num": 50, "words": [ "dog", "dogs", "doggy", "pup", "puppy", "puppies", "K9", "K-9", "canine"], "whole_word": true}

in Support and help by _SWH (620 points)
That config should be savable. That meant that is valid JSON.
I tried it on a random script and could save it.

But now when i think more about it and test saving error is the message it the tag is incorrect.
I have only got if there was a server or network problem. If your net worked fine i was likely a temporary server problem
I would recommend you to try to create another tag to test if it some problem specific for you. Add a empty tag to a script and i should be saved. And then remove it.

4 Answers

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If you have never created a tag before you have no permission to make one.

Please read

What about the tags, can I create those?

In the past, anyone has been allowed to tag checker scripts with configurations and match them with challenge caches. However, this has changed now that Project-GC is an official part of the challenge cache framework. This is because we want to ensure that everything is working as intended.

Everyone who has created a checker tag in the past has been added into the permission list to be allowed to continue creating tags.
by vogelbird (Expert) (52.6k points)
selected by _SWH
Hi there. I did create  couple tags in the past year. How can I get added back? I never enabled them but I created them.
In a search on the exiting checkers your name does not show, best to write to support or ask the challenge to be tagged by somebody who has access
vogelbird is all correct.

With the upcoming changes around challenges we have removed the access to create tags for everyone. We missed to remove/disable the buttons from the web-ui though. It will be corrected with the next release.
0 votes is a good friend when you search for a problem in a tag config. But your looks ok, so the problem will be somewhere else, probably permissions as vogelbird pointed out.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (115k points)
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Another reason for for this message is entering an invalid GC code, eg copy-and-pasting it in with a leading or trailing space.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (43.0k points)
–1 vote
Error saving occurs quite often. Just try again.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (43.0k points)