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0 votes
End of challenge moratorium. Are there notices for new challenges?
in Support and help by Tots4junts (540 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes

Hello tots4junts,

there are no new information from the GC-HQ in Seattle. In a few days/weeks there will be an Information on the GC-channels such as the GC-Blog, on Facebook or in the Newsletter.

The Challanges will come back but only such ones who can checked with a Challenga-checker such as on project-gc.

by HansHans (2.0k points)
Thanks HansHans!!!
0 votes
by vogelbird (Expert) (53.8k points)
There are some new challenges with checkers prepared but not released untill the above notices and guidelines are in place.
Thanks for the links.
–1 vote

Last summer I started working on my first Challenge, without knowing that publication of such GeoCaches were suspended. The reviewer told me in October when I pushed the "Submit for Review"-button, giving me the links telling the whole story. So I waited for April 2016 to come. Now he says, I needed a Challenge-Checker before submitting. It seems, there are still major problems to solve.

But I'm patiently waiting, the more time lapses, the more people will finally fulfill the criteria of the challenge.

by Gubemax (1.6k points)
If you post a request in the forum here then someone can have a look to see if a checker can be made ready for the lifting: