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Recently it was no problem to add more than 3000 caches to the virtual gps after selecting them with compare maps, but now I can not exceed this number any longer. This creates a lot of more work since I have to create several cachesets in the virtual gps. It would be interesting to know why this restriction has been created.
in Support and help by Ingabo (150 points)

2 Answers

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I just created a new/empty VGPS. I then visited , which was somewhat my last search, I just removed a custom filter to make it return plenty.

It gave me about 5900 geocaches on the map.

I first drew a polygon around all of them, pressed Add to VGPS icon. This crashed my Firefox ...

I then restarted it and added smaller polygons (might very well have worked the second time). It seems like there is a limit that a maximum of 1000 can be added per "add". Because I got an even 1000 the first time, and an even 2000 the second time (when I selected another part of Skåne).

But after two selects and adds mmore, I had added 3194 geocaches, so I don't think there is a limit of 3000.

Also, I am not aware of any related changes, and there shouldn't be any.
by magma1447 (Admin) (240k points)
I persist, there is a major change done somewhere ! I have never had any problems using map compare and sending over 9000 caches to the virtual gps. Now it is restricting each export to the virtual gps to maximum 3000. This has never been before. On the map there can be up to 10 000 including the ones found by myself already. As long as these do not add up to above 10 000 the map is drawn and no message is shown. This still works fine. The problem starts when I want to send them all to the virtual gps by marking them all in the top box beside gc code and thereafter click on the icon above, the virtual gps. They have always been copied all of them at once to the virtual gps. Now there are only exactly 3000 copied and I do not know which out of the selection I made with the map and which are not. This means that it is only meaningful to create selections with map compare which contain maximum 3000 caches incl earlier finds by myself. This makes mapping larger areas extremely tedious and the best function according to my opinion is suddenly gone. There are still many nice functions but this one is the most important to me. Perhaps I got everything wrong ? I asked a colleague therefore to make a selection resulting in 3000+ caches through mapcompare and he was also restricted to exactly 3000 when sending them to the virtual gps. My statement is therefore that there is a restriction imposed somewhere now. I am not a programmer so this is the best description of the problem I can give. Sorry. If the description is not understandable then give me a call or send me a mail. Thanks for your efforts !!
I  agree, something fishy is about,  you cannot send more than 3000 caches to the virtual gps at one time.  I have been using project gc to make my gpx files exclusively for more than a year and that's why I  use it,  so I can send these bigger files, that way I don't have to be making gpx files all the time.  I make my files using the "county"  method,  so what's going to happen when a county has more than 3000 caches in it? In the last week I am starting to have my doubts about this site,  seems to be turning into another Groundspeak company,  with addition of challenge checkers getting a lot of resources (hopefully the site is getting financial backing from the mothership) and now this hiccup with virtual gps,  hopefully we will be able to use it like before,  if this is a company policy change,  why hasn't there been a newsletter or some kind of communication with the membership?
Do I understand it correctly that you are selecting all by using the TABLE, and not the map itself?

If so, there has been changes made, and then I will have to look at those. I am quite sure there was supposed to be a limit that didn't work properly, that we have adjusted (since another report told us about out-of-memory issues).
Your conclusion is correct. I have not used the map for imposing further restrictions on the set of caches selected since I already made the selection I want in map compare. I only tick the box at left top corner of the table. On April 27 I made a selection in this way that rendered me more than 8000 caches (you can check all processed searches and you will see a lot with more than 3000 caches). They were all moved to the virtual gps in a flawless way. Today this renders me 3000 caches only, not more. So my suspicion that something has been restricted proves to be right ?
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I have no limit of 3000 Caches per VGPS. And I can export 10000 geocaches per 24 hour interval as GPX or CSV.

by HansHans (2.0k points)
Well then we have to look into the details again. When I choose mapcompare I compare to a friend of mine. I tick none of us as found. I choose a city as center point and use say 50 km as a radius. The map is drawn if the total amount of caches is below 10 000. I set the radius to cover the area of interest creating less than 10 000 caches. When the map is drawn I tick the GC code box to the left and all caches area selected. Time to click the gps + symbol just above and that should deliver all selected into the vgps. But it does only up to 3000. So how did you manage ?? I tested it 5 minutes ago and the problem is still there. Thanks for your efforts !
I just tried it again , using map compare , Canada, British Columbia and selecting two counties Cowichan and Capital.  I tick none found and disabled for show. I get 269 caches that I have logged and 4956 I have not logged, click the GC code below the vitrual gps and then click the virtual gps and only 3000 load into my virtual gps file. The funny thing is 3000 move over on my laptop but only 1000 on my android tablet.
Any update on this problem? Still only allowed to transfer 3000. Is it going back the way it was before?
Any updates on this problem?  I'm still only allowed to transfer 3000 caches to the virtual GPS at a time.
Yes the update is that the list created from the map can now only hold 1000 caches. Another reduction from 3000 to 1000 has taken place. I wonder where this will stop ?
Now it is the same functionality as provided by I wonder why this has been done ?? Under the map there was a line introduced telling 3000 caches possible to move from the list and now it says 1000. I checked and it is only 1000 caches in the vgps also. I would really like to know why these reductions take place.
I made a gpx file yesterday on my laptop and the 3000 was still there.  I only have my tablet right now and I can only transfer 1000 on it.I will check on my laptop when I get home. I  am still very disappointed that they changed it with no explanation why.
just checked when I got home and I can still transfer 3000 on my laptop, wish it was like it used to be
I have a similar problem. There is no limit on 3000 caches on the Virtual GPS itself, but the number added to a Virtual GPS with caches in it already is not the same as the number of caches selected in the map compare tool.
I have an older Virtual GPS list with 4200-something caches in it and when adding a total of 8759 it just added a couple of hundred caches. When adding solved mystery caches to the list i made a total of 4527 caches. Now it seems "maxed out". Very annoying since this has worked fine before.