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0 votes
How could I see the number of findings of APE cache by countries of finders?

E.g. Number of cachers from  Brazil AAA, Gemany BBB, Czech Republic CCC, etc.

in Support and help by ivans (350 points)
There are no APE caches in Czech Republic.
Sure, I meant last APE cache GCC67 and people from country which found it.

1 Answer

+1 vote
You can't do it exactly as you want. You can list cachers who have found APE caches, by country, for example here:[]=Project+APE+Cache&submit=Filter

And you can see here how many 'found' logs each APE cache has:[]=Project+APE+Cache&submit=Filter

But you can't easily see how many cachers from each country have found them. You'd need to list the cachers in each country (using the first link) and then check how many there are for yourself.
by Paperballpark (11.5k points)