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0 votes
Affects: Firefox

Unaffected: Chromium

In autocompleting input fields, characters are sometimes dropped. For example typing the founders alias might leave the field as gaja147.

Also, when clearing the field with the backspace key one is often taken to the previous page as if hitting the back button.

Most likely the input field loses focus for a brief moment on every autocomplete update, and the pressed key is sent to the browser itself rather than the input field.
in Bug reports by linsrille (460 points)
Dear founder/developper, If you review the input autocomplete field, please take also attention to a problem reported long time ago (but having a workaround) some charcters seems unuseable in this field by exemple the '&', try to find stat for Jacko&Ninie, you never have the possibility to type the '&'. Here using Chrome. thanks

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