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See description by another in the 'feature request' category. <>

For me it's a bug, as it worked in the past. Work well when 3 level of filter used, but not with 2 or only the country level like indicated in the reference here above.

By the way, how could we change a flag or flag a comment? is it possible in place of doing like this: opening a new bug report?
in Bug reports by Pepegeo (9.6k points)
I would argue that the function works as designed. It is correct if the country and region is taken from database. The problem is that caches not located i
The filter is not for caches located in a country like written in the QA you linked to
"None of the nothernmost, southernmost etc. caches is located in Germany."
it is
"A map showing the most North/East/South/West and oldest geocaches of a selected area. Use the loop filter to choose how many geocaches you want to show for each criteria."

With the definition that country and region is as set on

There is not border polygons for countries on pgc. And the county polygons often dont go out to se like in New South Wales

There is no easy way to auto detect if a cache is inside a county.
And you will have defenintion problem with how large part of the sea is part of a county.
And all countries does not have regions and counties defines

An option would be to add a filter to required the county to be set on the caches.

There is an fix if you are a paying member. Just add loops until all cachesw are inside the country according to you definition. Loop 7 is enough for germany
Also good to remove all archived point and may be some bad point just disabled, some of those are with bad coordinates

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To close ma question by an answer, Target explained well the rules here above.

This close the question
by Pepegeo (9.6k points)