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0 votes
I have had a little look through and do not believe this has been requested before.

I have just found the feature where you can change the type of cache that displays on the Difficulty Terrain Matrix.

It would be really great to see this visually for both, while I know you can use the map hidden date tool to find the missing dates for the hidden date, it is a little more challenging on the found dates.

So an example might be to be able to show the "Finds by found date Calendar" in profile stats and only see the multi cache finds.
in Feature requests by OrionJ (510 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
The page allows you to find the missing dates to fill your calendar, and it has the filters that you need (and a few more).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (165k points)
Thank you for the reply, that does look to cover it. After seeing you link it still took me a minute to find where it actually was in the menu.

It would definitely be great if that could be implemented into the profile stats, as it is with the D/T matrix.
A patch for that has been submitted in our development environment.