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+12 votes
My profile statistic is still showing the values from the 29th May 2016. I still have a valid Premium membership on GC and also a paying membership on PGC, but there was no update today.

When can I expect the correct profile statistic ?
in Bug reports by SalzburgerIgnore (1.9k points)
edited by SalzburgerIgnore
I heard there had been some database issues lately. I suspect this might be related. My stats updated on 30th, but not on 31st so it's not just your account impacted.
I suspect you wrote incorrectly but Premium membership is on
on pgc is is called paying member so the name is not the same.
It is the later that is needed check it at
Yes, you are correct. I am a paying member. Sorry for the confusion.
For non-paying members that update weekly, the last update was 5-23-2016 and would have been 5-30-2016 but it didn't happen.
I too am a paying member to P-GC and a premium GC member ... my P-GC stats have not been updated since 28th May. No explanation from the site!
Same for me. No updates since 30th
I'm too!!! I'm a paying member to P-GC and a premium GC member ... my P-GC stats have not been updated since 30th May!!!!
I also have not had data updates since May 30th.
Mine are sadly still not automatically updating. Weeping a little......

7 Answers

+10 votes
A potential issue has been found and corrected. We hope that this matter now will resolve itself for almost everyone within 24 hours.

EDIT: We have actually found two issues.

The one we found first pretty much has been blocking many users from getting updates.

The second we found makes it take longer time to update the data. Our updates are most often fairly fast, but we have lost some (data)-cached data and for some users it's therefore taking more time than normal. They are then partly blocking others.

Project-GC is working on correcting this as fast as it possibly can.
by magma1447 (Admin) (237k points)
edited by magma1447 (Admin)
Thanks for the explanation!
Thanks for the explanation and keep up the good work!

"to err is human but to really f... it up takes a computer."

Thanks for the update... I'm getting stats withdrawal symptoms here... no updates since 30th May [shock horror]!
Mine are already updated so it seems to be resolved.
+2 votes

Yesterday there was some work on the database-Servers. This could be the reason why there was no Update of your (and mine) Statistic. Sometimes the statistic will be not generated, I saw this about 2 times.

by HansHans (2.0k points)
And now we have another day with no updated statistic data :(
And another update!
Any official response on the lack of updated stats? I understand there were database issues but it's been several days now without updated finds stats.
+1 vote
If your stats haven't updated yet, try using the self support option to "refresh finds" (Orange "Support" button on PGC site; Self Support option; "Refresh number of finds").
by Mike Fitz (5.0k points)
0 votes
Same with me. No update since May 30th. I didnt find any explanation...
by poseptun (170 points)
Same with me. No updates.
0 votes
The same problem also here, last update on 30th may.
by moxx80 (160 points)
–1 vote

Same situation, no update since Monday the 30th of May !! :-/ (and I paid for three years !)
by Bigou13 (780 points)
–1 vote
Yeah. They have unfucked it.  :-D

The stats are back!
by Kodo-Jano (2.4k points)