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Live map: Favorite Locations

+6 votes
I would like to suggest to add the possibility to store favorite locations. I regularly go to the same few location on the map and needing to do the same searches again and again is ok, but not very fast.


asked Jun 2, 2016 in Feature requests by PacoBlu (210 points)
The locations is in the URL and i you bookmark them or create a link from another page they will go to the correct location,
But the filter options will not be stored,

If you insted uses map compare all filter options are in the url
This is a good idea!
I would like to record this link for ma region using none found and owned = found, but with the scale set i only have all found or mine.

How is it possible to specify the scale of this map? ... Ok, i see why, i selected a town which limit my view :-)

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