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+3 votes

it is not really a bug, more a small improvement of the German profilstats page. There are some english phrases in the German page. Maybe it is fixable.


Page "Funde"

Section: "Funde nach Wochentag": names of the days are in English

Section: "Diverse Statistiken": Meiste FTF * - July should be Juli

Section: "D/T Matrix": Type should be Typ

Section: "Höchste und niedrigste Erhebung": Cache name -> Cachename; Elevation -> Höhe; Location -> Region


Page "FTF"

Section: "FTF list" - should be FTF Liste


Page: "Karten"

if you have found a cache only in one region (Bundesland), it should be written "In 1 von 19 Bundesländern gefunden in Norwegen" but the direct translation into German sounds a little bit crazy. It would be better: "In 1 von 19 Bundesländern von Norwegen Caches gefunden."

in Bug reports by smellfooth (3.7k points)

2 Answers

+2 votes
Hi smellfooth,

Please contact one of your German friends involved in Project-GC translation and ask them to correct those strings. You can find their names here: I can also see Lineflyer, teamflashstl and dd-derfred in German translation action log.

You also need to remember that some strings cannot be translated in a perfect way, you always lose something in translation. English, German, Polish and all other languages have different forms, different language rules and, unfortunately, not all of them can be satisfied with translation. Just like in movies. :)

Anyway, I assume that most of given examples can be fixed by German translation team.

I hope that my answer helps and satisfies you.



Mikolaj 赏月者
by 赏月者 (2.3k points)
0 votes
Hi Mikolaj,


thanks a lot for your response. I'm also involved in the German translation on I checked the German translation once more and I couldn't find any missing translation (filtering for missing translations). So it seems that the words/phrases are missing on the project. Maybe you can recheck it. Thanks a lot.
by smellfooth (3.7k points)
I am unsure of where it is you have found the strings. If I only knew I would gladly check. If it's translated in other languages, the string exists for translation into German as well. So a good hint to check if strings are missing in Crowdin is to check other languages that are well (high percent) translated. Swedish, German, Norwegian are those I can think of that should have a high percent (close to 100).
Hi Ganja,

the small issues are on following pages:

Page "Funde": -
Page "Karten":
Page "FTF":

Btw, would it be possible to add the information, after how many days the FTF was found?

I think I have added translations for those mentioned under Finds and FTF now. The one under maps I don't really understand. The string exists here and could be changed into the translation you prefer I think.