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+3 votes
Would love to get reminder emails for upcoming events I marked a will attend.

Since some events can be posted months in advance(and due to new event notifications I mark will attend right away, and have forgotten) a reminder email 2-5 days prior to the event would be sent on event caches you have marked a will attend. (this feature could be turned on or off)

After missing an event a couple weekends ago I realized there is no good way to see upcoming events besides looking at your will attend logs on GC. And it wasn't until afterwards and talking with a fellow cacher that I realized the event took place a couple days prior. I was free and at home and missed out on socializing with fellow cachers
in Feature requests by MTCLMBR (380 points)
Possibly even an option of reminders of ones close to home within a week, so even if you didn't commit when they were posted you could be reminded that they were coming up.
On every event listing there is a link "Add to calendar" (right at the top in the second line after der event title), with which you can add it to a Google, Outlook, Windows live or Yahoo calendar. And even if you use another kind of calendar, you could add it manually...
If you use any kind of an electronic calendar, you can usually set reminders there.
And then you can also set the event time so you know when it is during the day.
The cache listings should have the time listed in special field so it is easy to see on the page
@sumbloke I thought of that too but then thought others would think that would potentially become to spammy
@tadaima true, didn't think of that and thanks for pointing that out. But at the same time that requires action to add to my calendar (which I personally don't maintain) and this would be automattic haha, yes I'm lazy
I was suggesting it as a separate option rather than a replacement of your suggestion. So option 1 is reminders for imminent accepted events (wherever they might be) and option 2 is reminders for imminent local events (whether or not they're accepted). Users can select either, both or neither option.

1 Answer

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I'm using the c:geo app as well which offers a calender option. This way you can add events to your calender which became for me a quite handsome solution not to miss events I've logged an I will attend.
by Ragdoll. (850 points)