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Shared Virtual GPS to other should also show 'I'm shared'

+3 votes
Good Evening,

While a cache list as VGPS shared by another cacher is shown in my list with the appendix "(shared by ....)" either in the list selector and selected, I get no evidence if or which of my lists I've shared to others.

Thus I'd request that on a selected list (shown in the VGPS grid) to get at least a hint above the grid that this list is currently shared. Additionally details could be shown on request (Details-Button) or e.g. fly-over or thelike.


asked Jun 16, 2016 in Feature requests by itsbrody (2,250 points)
I never noticed that it was missing but it is a good idea to add.
Good idea, I also would like to this information!
@Target.: I noticed this, because in the meantime I've mix of private, shared and gotten VPGS's and regarding the shared and maintained, I'm loosing the control without that information.

@Target., tadaima : Thanks for supporting my request.
When? :)
Shouldn't be as difficult as it seems for the long time, it hasn't be implemented.

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