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Rows in VGPS table get misaligned

+1 vote
Apparently the VGPS table has been updated lately with having two new columns (Found and GC-Code) fixed at the left side.

Since than the rows start to get misaligned when scrolling down to the last cache in the list.
It seems that there are two scenarios:

1) the list is longer than one page: Misalignment occurs when last row appears in view.
2) the list is shorter than one page: Misalignment occurs right away and is worse than in 1).
asked Jun 18, 2016 in Bug reports by bfiu (880 points)
Same happens to me with recent Firefox. It will be a bug in style of web or browser.
I tried Firefox v47 and Chrome v49. Both show the misaligned rows.
In FF V45 the same and also on Chrome/FF on Android.

It makes it very difficult convincing one to use VGPS in a team

2 Answers

–2 votes
It seems, that the error does not occur in fullscreen  mode and after returning from fullscreen - mode.
answered Jun 23, 2016 by Joker96 (2,300 points)
In fullscreen mode I see the same misalignment when I have NOT resized the table before switching to fullscreen mode. Once I resized the tabled and switch into fullscreen mode the table shrinks below the resized size when leave the fullscreen mode.
–1 vote
It seems to be a "feature" in the used grid library (jqGrid), as it appears not only in VGPS but also in the wildcard or advanced search results. After reloading the site the rowalignment is right again - until you start the next search.
answered Jul 8, 2016 by DrHool (3,360 points)