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+1 vote
Your favourite type of geocache
in Miscellaneous by Pip1704 (1.5k points)
Mystery caches are definitely my favourite: puzzles, challenges and field puzzles.

42 Answers

0 votes
I love mystery caches :-)
by Paquitovic (840 points)
0 votes
I like mysteries. One can always learn somethnig new. Anyway in last time I started enjoying earthcaches again...
by drobec (4.5k points)
0 votes
We enjoy Virtuals. They are great and have the best icon image. Also quite rare in the in the UK
by NSCR (4.5k points)
0 votes
I enjoy mystery caches and... earthcaches! :D
But, unfortunately, traditional are the most found everywhere!
by Lord Yoruno (310 points)
0 votes
i do not have a special cache type what i like best, for me is important that listing, hide and container is "fitting"... of course, lost-place multicaches are mostly more interesting than a traditional pet behind a tree, but i hav found lots of very nice made traditionals ... if you feel the owner has invested some brain, than I like the cache...
by (1.2k points)
0 votes

I'd have to say my favorite types of caches are any type of hide (traditional, multi, etc.) that are non-typical containers, and caches that take me to locations I would have never gone to without geocaching.  I've only done one where-i-go, but it was a blast and I've got more of them on my to-do list! smiley

by stickboy26 (330 points)
0 votes
i love citos but also traditionals ;)
by Rufus75 (150 points)
0 votes
Mes caches préférées sont l'assemblage d'un thème avec des camouflages en relation avec celui-ci.
J'ai aussi beaucoup d'affection pour les eathcaches qui permettent souvent la découverte de lieux qui valent le détour et pemettent, en apprenant, d'avoir un autre regard sur des lieux connus.
Enfin, les CITOs sont pour moi des moments de forte complicité.

My favorite caches are the assembly of a theme with camouflage in relation to it.
I also have a lot of affection for the Eathcaches which often allow the discovery of places that are worth the detour and pemetent, by learning, to have another look at known places.
Finally, CITOs are for me moments of complicity.
by penn sardin (150 points)
0 votes

I enjoy mystery caches and CITO

by RendyStod (1.5k points)
0 votes
Jj, podivej se na moji statistiku, jasne vedeou traditional...
by kazidrat (150 points)
0 votes
I like Wherigo caches.
by Fifinka (320 points)
0 votes
We like Wherigo-Caches very much. There you can play a virtual game and often there is no possibility to hide real stations for realizing a multi-cache.
by willi&trine (2.2k points)
0 votes
My favourites are Mysteries.
by wandeltrakker (150 points)
0 votes
I like multi caches.
by SalzburgerIgnore (1.9k points)
0 votes
mysterys are my favorite
by Grodib (210 points)
0 votes
One that takes you to a lovely location and once found leaves you with a sense of fulfilment having enjoyed the place that you have just been to. A hidden gorge, a small church at the top of a mountain, a footpath with a stunning view, a cave at the side of the road, a peacful and idyllic river (while kayaking for those water based caches) etc...
This could mean that it is an earthcache, a traditional, a letterbox, a mystery, a multi, a virtual, a wherigo - at some point every one of these types have taken us to locations where we have been and it was a delight to have been taken there. It is also those times when we give out favourite points (which sort of links on with the OP)

by Deepdiggingmole (13.8k points)
0 votes
Well, my favourite type are tradis. this is, because i love to walk in woods to get my 'brain free'
Of course I love to make good Multi Caches, but unfortunately there are not really many good ones in my area.
by wottles (1.8k points)
0 votes
At this point i would say event caches. but it may vary ;-)
by Erik_Los (460 points)
0 votes
The Wherigo Cache is for me the most beautiful, mostly it is always a small adventure.
by Minos2003 (4.8k points)
0 votes
Mob caches, virtuals, trig caches, mega area all my fav cache types. A search of Wikipedia showed more than 20 cache types. It's a pity we don't have more cache types to find.
by DARKSIDEDAN (3.7k points)