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+6 votes
Describe your first find.
in Miscellaneous by Pip1704 (1.5k points)
Unser erster Cache war am 11.04. 2012
Wir waren mit Sehr guten Freunden, Olav und Marion, den ganzen Tag unterwegs um uns zu zeigen was Geocaching ist.
Wir waren so begeistert das wir am Abend ein eigenen Account gegründet haben Minos2003 und wanderten im dunkeln zu dem nächsten Cache vom unserem Wohnort eine alte Lock .
Ein großen Dank an unseren Freunde Marion und Olav  & TeamOlma , die uns zu diesem tollen Hobby bei gebracht haben.
Minos2003 Sigi und Heinz

52 Answers

+1 vote
My first cache was found in April 2004 - I had signed up to GC dot com after my mum had pointed the site out to me.  I didn't have a GPS and took me three attempts before I found it. It was hidden in a park a couple of miles from my home and that was the nearest to me then - now there are around 100 in that distance. I found 2 more caches before I finally got a Garmin yellow etrex and have been following the arrow ever since.

by Deepdiggingmole (13.5k points)
+1 vote
Ich bin seid Mai 2015 unterwegs. Nachdem mich ein Freund zum cachen mitgenommen hatte war es um mich geschehen. Mein Erster Cache ist keine 100m von meiner Haustür entfernt. Eine Filmdose unter einer Rohrabdeckung... Ein Klassiker eben. Damals fand ich das total abgefahren.
by Eismann77 (700 points)
+1 vote
Mein erster Cache war Hinterstein Triathlon

Freunde die schon lange cachten brauchten einen Verrückten der durch einen eiskalten Bergsee zu einer Insel schwimmt. Dazu hatten sie mich ausergoren. Ich fand die Dose und war sowas von infiziert ;-)
by Sportsofa (2.3k points)
+1 vote

I started with a very special one in January 2013 - it was "First Germany". A friend of mine who was already caching some time asked me to join his search... after we got it I signed in to ...

Still happy to have this one as my first!

by (1.2k points)
+1 vote
In my town we have a free paper coming once a week. One day my ex-husband was reading about geocaching. We were already doing “trip orienteering”. Hiking and finding letters in the woods. The boring thing with it is that you start over every summer.

The next day when he was at work I registered and found that the nearest was only about 200 meters from home. So I went there and looked… and went back there and looked again with the kids… He came home from work and we looked more. We had no clue at all what we were looking for. I cannot remember how found the nano in the end. But the next day we registered all family members with their own nicks. And that’s good today since we are divorced and some of the kids have moved out of the home.

Anyway the best thing has been telling friends and family about it. Some has now done more and some less, but it has given us good fun since mid July 2011.
by daffodil74 (720 points)
+1 vote

It was in april 2005. I have in that time no GPS, just coords transferred to map smiley Cache was small lock-lock box near 1st world war memmorial (GCJQ6D). Today is cache archived, but in close surroundig is placed cache by me :)

by drobec (4.5k points)
0 votes

my son presented me came the game, we saw a cache just next door to us, are going to discover and my kids loved fast! simplicity and competitiveness not pleased us immediately

by Chup'a (11.2k points)
0 votes
Our first logged find wasn't the first we found, but we logged our first day in the wrong order (reverse) - our first was GC2QMP7 - a film canister wedged in a fence post! Not very special.
by Moore4us (4.8k points)
0 votes
It was a summer of 2016. My son took me for seeking hiding places. I installed the application and an adventure started. The excellent adventure and the possibility of visiting places to which I would never find their way, if not for play in geocaching.
by Stasiu72 (850 points)
0 votes
A small rural cemetery in Corinth, TX, about a mile from my house.
by TerraViators (9.0k points)
0 votes
My first find was a Multi Cache near my home coords on 2011-04-16.

Round about half an year before I took a sunday walk around and on one of my standard pathes that time. When I came along a side street I saw in some distance a group of persons (of any age as I discovered on coming near to them) rounding a substation ever and ever. When I passed them, some of them asked me, if I had hidden there something. On my astonishment they explained what they were doing there and summarized it as "geocaching".

In the following winter time I did some researches about this geocaching and found it interesting. On a sunny, but cold April day, the 16th I decided to try my first cache. I printed out the description, starting on the wrong side of the track. Thus several times I crossed my path with another geocacher doing the same cache. Finally we decided to finish this tour together.

After this adventure, which hooked me on, I paused round about one month and then made that cache, which took me to "geocaching" in general.

by itsbrody (2.3k points)
0 votes
My first find was in a lane outside my house. I'd loaded up the app looking for places to go take photos as I'd heard that there were interesting and unusual places you might not know were there listed on the website. I thought I'll give it a go but its probably a US thing (it was a US photo blog I got the info from) and I was shocked when I opened the app for it to go ping you are close to the cache. I was sitting on my sofa at home and there was one within 10m of my front door.
by ShammyLevva (Expert) (8.3k points)
0 votes
I did it to impress a girl. I had the GPS and loaded up a few in Jay Cooke State Park near Duluth, MN, USA. I took her there because we both love the outdoors and hiking. It is a beautiful park and geocaching was the perfect excuse to get off the beaten path. She didn't care much about it and ended up marrying one of my best friends anyway.
by Marchello21 (210 points)
0 votes
Summer 2014 at Burrator Resevoir on Dartmor National Park in Devon.

A very traditional Dartmoor cache. A clip lock container with camera film pot and log nice and dry. Great views from the cache. Right out to sea.
by NSCR (4.5k points)
0 votes
My first find is right outside of where I work, so I see the location often. It was a simple find where the cache was hidden in a small plastic skull hanging from a tree a little ways into the woods. Unfortunately, the tree it was hanging from got bulldozed this fall so the cache is no longer there.
by sgerbs (390 points)
0 votes
A friend told me they had been caching in 2014, so we went and found a local cache, it was a bison tube sitting in the fork of a tree. I told my then 5yo son about it, and we went and found some more, and were immediately hooked. I'm still dark I didn't hear about it years before - I had bought a GPSr in 2004 before going to NZ, loved using it, but always felt there was more I could have been doing with it..... I suspect I would have been similarly hooked right back then also.... :)
by lee737 (2.4k points)
0 votes
Back in 2010, my brother told me about a friend of his with whom he had been caching once. I very much liked the whole idea and I soon created a profile on For my birthday I got a GPS and the day after I tried searching my first cache. After searching for half an hour without finding it, I returned home and checked the website for any additional clues. That's how I found out about the different cache types: it turned out I had been searching for a mystery cache at the bogus coordinates... Later that day I was able to log my FTF on a tradi not too far away and a new hobby was born :)
by Pihoqahiak (3.5k points)
0 votes
My first find was on New Years Day back in 2010 in Louisville, Kentucky in a church parking lot with J9sky.  We heard about this activity from a friend and thought we would give it a try.  I was hooked and have enjoyed my geocaching travels for the past seven years and the many people I have met and new friends that I have made.
by RPStew (2.8k points)
0 votes
My first find was in July 2014. I had just watched a YouTube video on Geocaching and I wanted to try it out. I went out the door and found the closest cache to me. It required some bushwalking and I eventually made the find of a nicely camouflaged cache. I've found 700 more since then.
by Potatonator (11.3k points)
0 votes
It was in 2009 when I was with my friends on some trip. They asked me for a small break because they "have a special task" - I was curious so I went with them and found my first cache. I didn't knew this game so it took me one more year to start officially (create my account and start to be active) and to spread this game into my family ;-)
by Azeret6 (830 points)