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+6 votes
Describe your first find.
in Miscellaneous by Pip1704 (1.5k points)
Unser erster Cache war am 11.04. 2012
Wir waren mit Sehr guten Freunden, Olav und Marion, den ganzen Tag unterwegs um uns zu zeigen was Geocaching ist.
Wir waren so begeistert das wir am Abend ein eigenen Account gegründet haben Minos2003 und wanderten im dunkeln zu dem nächsten Cache vom unserem Wohnort eine alte Lock .
Ein großen Dank an unseren Freunde Marion und Olav  & TeamOlma , die uns zu diesem tollen Hobby bei gebracht haben.
Minos2003 Sigi und Heinz

52 Answers

0 votes
My first was in April 2015.

Over the day I read a lot about geocaching and was interested if there's one in my small home village.
So after work, I registered on and checked - and there was! only 240 meters from my home!

I knew the object and went out in the evening, managing my first find! :)

Got hooked after that, now approaching 1700 finds.
by clappy (15.6k points)
0 votes
Mein erster Cache war genau am 1.1.2011, Das war der Hubertusbrunnen bei uns in der Nähe ( .

Mein bester freund überredete mich damals mit ihm dieses Hobby zu probieren.

Das Ergebnis:
als ich begonnen hatte, wog ich 112kg und begann schon zu keuchen, wenn ich in die Küche ging. Mittlerweile hab ich 78kg und bin in in körperlicher Form, wie schon seit jahren nicht mehr. Ich habe extrem viele und wunderschöne Gegenden gesehen, endlich wieder ein Auge für das Schöne um uns herum gefunden und wahnsinnig nette Freunde.

Ich liebe dieses Hobby :o)
by wottles (1.8k points)
0 votes
Mein erster war GC2MVEB - der Robens vom Brauhaus. Meine Freundin hatte Geburtstag und mit Freunden gingen wir eine Runde spazieren. Einer brachte uns dabei Geocaching näher. Ich probierte es aus und hatte Spaß daran. Natürlich bin ich dabei geblieben, sonst würde ich jetzt ja hier nicht schreiben. Mittlerweile bin ich viel aktiver als der Freund, der es uns zeigte.
by Geoheimniskrämer (360 points)
0 votes
Our first find was a really easy trad on Dartmoor National Park near to our home.

Some fantastic views
by NSCR (4.5k points)
0 votes
Our first find is what sucked us in. We had the app for a couple years before looking for our first cache. We were in Key West, and I decided to open the app.  I saw that there is a cache about 1 mile offshore. Now you have my interest!!  So, decided with the wife to go out paddling in our kayak and headed towards the mangroves offshore. When we got close, I explained to my wife what I had in mind. That there is a cache located here and we could look for it.  We paddled around the area for a short time before finding it. We could claim Serpent's Egg as our first find!!! A great beginning!!
by Blues Crew (2.4k points)
0 votes

I heard a few years ago, there something with using GPS called Geocaching. The I forgot this. In the Spring of 2015 there was an article in our daily newspaper about this hobby. A Geocacher maintenance his Caches for the next season. So we thought again to try it out. We load the Geocaching App on a smartphone and we saw there is a Geocache only 400 meters from our our home called Alte Eiche am AHW (Old oak at AHW). We find a Petling at a mighty tree, which we had not noticed so far. This experience brought us to think that there are certainly many great places in the immediate vicinity, which we had not yet discovered. And so we were looking for the next can.

We have not regretted it yet and only by geocaching we have been able to discover much of our beautiful home, which has hitherto been hidden.


by The4Hasards (3.2k points)
0 votes
We got to know geocaching back in jan 2014 during pur holidays on Madeira Isle. A couple we met at pur hotel were logging, puzzling planing the next days tour each day. All 3 weeks day after day. We were curious, had fun  but didn't take any action to start it ourselves.
A year went by and actually although neither us nor them usually visit a hotel or even a place twice, we met them same time same place and even the same table we said farewell the year before in 2015 again. And the same procedure started over.
But the difference this time was that we took a Closer look this time and discovered that one cache was hidden right at our hotel.
So one day in the second half of our vacation I decided to go down there to see if and what I could find.
Well, I admit it was a very easy one and I needed to read the hint anyway, but I found the box anyway. The next task was to think about the nick I then should use to sign the logbook. It came down to my formerly used nick in chat boards. Not used several years but not forgotten. And usually a nick that is not in use.
During the rest of the holidays we found some more caches and since we were two then, the nick was altered by adding "Team"
We still remember that time wir pleasure and even sent a trackable down there once which is about to come home. Hopefully this weekend.
by Team Just-T (2.2k points)
0 votes
A multi - spotted some guys hiding an ammo can. As soon as they left I when and opened it, found the log and the card. Now I'm hooked
by DARKSIDEDAN (3.7k points)
0 votes
My first find was an easy tradi. But I think for start is it the best way.
by capoaira (7.1k points)
0 votes
I had heard of geocaching, created an account and downloaded the app, but there it sat for a couple years.

Then, when we were vacationing in the Florida Keys 2 years ago, I looked at the app and found a cache about 0.3 miles offshore and a little over a mile from where we could launch our kayak. A perfect reason to go out!!! Mentioned it to the wife/co-cacher and away we went!

GC32PPV - The Serpents Egg, quite inspiring for a first cache!!  We had no idea what we were looking for or really what to do since we hadn't met anyone who actually played this crazy game. But, it really didn't take us very long to spot what we were looking for once we got to GZ.

The next day we grabbed several more and that was it! We were hooked!!

Almost 3 years later, and almost 7000 caches, Jasmer, Fizzy, and 6 Mega events. Also all of the great friends we have met along the way.
by Blues Crew (2.4k points)
0 votes
Our first find was in March 2007 in Frauenstein, a small town just outside of Wiesbaden, Germany.  My wife had heard of geocaching from a friend of hers and suggested we try it.  I had previously heard of it in the early days of geocaching but had not bothered to find out any details.

We had previously attempted the closest cache to our apartment, an urban micro that turned out to have horribly inaccurate coordinates and a cryptic hint that we never did understand.  We also were caching using a Garmin GPS 12, which was not terribly accurate and did not show anything other than distance and direction.

Our first find was GCX209, Goethestein, a small cache in the woods.  I remember we went down the trail and when we got close I made the rookie mistake of relying on the GPSr and not in just figuring out the general area and then looking around.  I remember getting frustrated by our inability to find it, and then finally getting excited when we spotted it.  That was also our first travel bug experience, which was fun.  We found three other geocaches that day aroud Frauenstein, and we were hooked.

Not long after, I ditched the GPS 12 for a much more accurate 60CSx, which made things much easier.  It was still a challenge caching in Germany at first, because I didn't know much German, but it was a great way to learn it.
by hzoi (8.0k points)
0 votes
My friend got me into caching and brought me to a park where I found my first find.
by VDotM (1.7k points)