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Which cache you have found had the most favourite points?

+5 votes
In April this year we found cache GC13Y2Y 'Lego - einer ist zuviel' in Berlin and were amazed that it had nearly 7000 favourite points at that time. Today it has nearly 7400, achieved over 9 years since June 2007. To log it you have to find the one extra lego brick in a 20 foot high yellow lego giraffe sculpture! Amazing fun, and trying to look with no muggles is almost impossible! It would be interesting to know which other caches out there have amazing favourite point scores as well and what other cachers can say or recommend about them.
asked Jul 20, 2016 in Miscellaneous by GCZ Team (6,720 points)
edited Jul 20, 2016 by GCZ Team
The HQ ;-) I visited it in August last year for the last HQ event.
I found one with currently 249 favourite points: GC2H363.

35 Answers

+1 vote

GC40, in Belgium. It's one of the oldest cache in the world. It has 2622 PF now ;).

answered Aug 26, 2016 by Hslombardot2 (490 points)
0 votes

Wow, over 7400 FAV's is really impressive. My most FAV cache is virtual cache near Tower in Pisa in Italy. It has "only" 508 FAV's...


Lean on MeVirtual CacheItaly Toscana508 (15%)
answered Sep 2, 2016 by Miszczus (2,480 points)
+1 vote
I made sure I visited the Lego one when I was in Berlin last year, since it had so many FPs. My top 10 highest FP caches were found on that trip, five in Berlin and five in Prague.
answered Sep 4, 2016 by sumbloke (23,300 points)
Berlin is an amazing place for caches with high FPs. Most of our top FP caches were found there!
+1 vote
GC9AE - Historic Words

This is a virtual cache in Berlin. It have 1881 favorite points at this time.
answered Mar 3 by Geoheimniskrämer (320 points)
0 votes

A little trip to Germany with the work and i visited this great cache (4654 FP): 

GC167KKTB - Schlosshotel Rasthof Stillhorn OstTraditional CacheGermany Hamburg4654 

The one i have visited with most favoritepoints here in Norway is (1328 FP):

GC2GAFHOslo Concert HallTraditional CacheNorway Oslo1328

answered Mar 3 by Team Karlsen (4,060 points)
0 votes
GC2TJKVSecret door of Amsterdam with 2095 PF
answered Mar 6 by DANPEPS (240 points)
0 votes

For now is my found with most favorites St. Sylvester (GC24FW6) in Germany. There is 1360 FAV points. Next one is Cache my Czech (Prague) (GCF496) in Czech Republic with 1252. But for me was really great (now archived) cache Strateny symbol (Lost Symbol) (GC2K2YD). This cache gets 219 FAV points during 3 years of its existence.

answered Mar 6 by drobec (3,090 points)
0 votes

Geocaching Headquarters has the most favorite points (GCK25B), but a cache I did in Texas was so much more fun - Necropolis of Britannia Manor III (GC2B034). This cache was a blast and the CO put a lot of work into it.

answered Mar 7 by railroad (320 points)
0 votes
GC3A8K6Hofburg PalaceTraditional CacheAustria Wien1320 (33%
For me this was this cache from Wien, which is a bit strange because, in my opinion, this is not the best cache I found there. I think this one ( was much better wink
answered Mar 8 by SquallLeonhart (490 points)
0 votes

Some time ago I found GC13Y2Y 'Lego - einer ist zuviel' in Berlin... really tricky one... i was lucky, finding the brick which not belongs there within 15 minutes :-) - at the beginning i wanted to give up, but then ... I got it :-)

I love this cache!

answered Mar 9 by (1,190 points)
0 votes
GC13Y2Y "Lego - einer ist zuviel" in Berlin at 2012 in September when we joined the Berlin Marathon
answered Mar 9 by Sportsofa (2,170 points)
0 votes
GC31EQDTöff Töff für das Kind im Manne (und Frau :-) )Traditional CacheGermany Nordrhein-Westfalen3956

Gefunden und Geloggt am: 12/08/2013.

Eine sehr schöner Cache.

Man braucht eine Voranmeldung , das er nicht überrand wirt.

answered Mar 9 by Minos2003 (3,670 points)
0 votes
We found a few on a recent holiday there was an earth cache in the vatican and at the colleseum which have a huge number of favourite points but we have found ou best ones in portugal. The best two are below. Their FP's dont always represent good they are as everyone has a different view. These two were rad though - A customer made Metal cache which requires some out of the box thinking to get the log book out. - This cache requires a wade into a water feature was great fun

There are hundreds more that are great caches
answered Mar 9 by NSCR (3,260 points)
0 votes
GC24FW6St. SylvesterTraditional CacheGermany Bayern1363 (46%)

A nice box and a wonderful church

GC3A8K6Hofburg PalaceTraditional CacheAustria Wien1321 (33%)

And this one, this is an Enigma like box, very nice

answered Mar 14 by wottles (1,650 points)
0 votes

GC2EFNN : 104 PF I am still far from you all :(

answered Mar 14 by Paquitovic (450 points)