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Which cache you have found had the most favourite points?

+9 votes
In April this year we found cache GC13Y2Y 'Lego - einer ist zuviel' in Berlin and were amazed that it had nearly 7000 favourite points at that time. Today it has nearly 7400, achieved over 9 years since June 2007. To log it you have to find the one extra lego brick in a 20 foot high yellow lego giraffe sculpture! Amazing fun, and trying to look with no muggles is almost impossible! It would be interesting to know which other caches out there have amazing favourite point scores as well and what other cachers can say or recommend about them.
asked Jul 20, 2016 in Miscellaneous by GCZ Team (19,220 points)
edited Jul 20, 2016 by GCZ Team
The HQ ;-) I visited it in August last year for the last HQ event.
I found one with currently 249 favourite points: GC2H363.

59 Answers

0 votes
As of today (8 December 2017), our find with the most FP is GC11JM6, Geist des Hagen. Just so happens that it's our favorite cache as well, it's very well done and deserving of every point it gets.
answered Dec 9, 2017 by hzoi (7,640 points)
0 votes
A low amount of 226 points for my best one.
answered Dec 10, 2017 by DARKSIDEDAN (3,650 points)
0 votes

For me is it cache in Prague (GCF496) with 1520 fav, but this cache is virtual and in my opinion this is the reason for such number of fav points. But from tradi caches is cache with 1462 points in Bayern (GC24FW6) and this one was really funny

answered Dec 10, 2017 by drobec (4,470 points)
+1 vote

Somehow I missed Voss-Margarine when I was driving near Hamburg, but I did manage to find TB - Schlosshotel Rasthof Stillhorn Ost (GC167KK) with still a respectable 5299 FPs.

answered Apr 10, 2018 by Vooruit! (1,080 points)
0 votes
My current caches with the most favourites are:

C6XP4X  Vaclavske namesti (Prag) -  Today it has 1442 favourite points.

GC25J40 4.prístav (Prag) -  Today it has 1279 favourite points.

GC4RP6V Welcome to Prague (Prag) - Today it has 1054 favourite points.
answered Apr 11, 2018 by medvedzl (1,780 points)
+1 vote
The Cache with the most fps I found is GC3AX30 with currently 2840 fps and a bit more than 11k visits. IT is located in Erfurt, Germany. A small tradi.
answered Jan 3, 2019 by _Ulle_ (1,110 points)
0 votes
Mingo, the oldest in Kansas.
answered Jan 4, 2019 by TerraViators (8,120 points)
0 votes

GC729A Welcome to Las Vegas currently at 1540 favorite points. Visited in April 2012 straight from the airport.

answered Jan 4, 2019 by JS&SV (1,710 points)
0 votes
GCEB2The view of an "Honest Man"Virtual CacheUnited States District of Columbia1444

Is currently at 1444 fav points.

answered Jan 4, 2019 by ormustr (4,020 points)
0 votes

Not to miss, you will break the safe of this 'bank'

GC2JV5Xvan "Kluis tot Kookhuis"

Happy new year! 

answered Jan 4, 2019 by Pepegeo (8,760 points)
0 votes

Hi, I found GC5GTCM with 2 262 FP. It is a good cache for a town and it has many points because there are many people going there. Total number of points is not always the best measure. I know many better and more fun caches with few FP and visits. Everyone is looking for something else ... and that's beautiful on Geocaching, right?

answered Jan 5, 2019 by hynous (2,990 points)
0 votes
GC43Europe's FirstTraditional CacheIreland Leinster2998 FP
answered Jan 6, 2019 by drobec (4,470 points)
0 votes
Also Lego.. but this was by far not the best cache... just nice
answered Jan 7, 2019 by Rumreisenden (3,720 points)
0 votes
Of course the Lego-Cache in Berlin. ;)
answered Jan 7, 2019 by Kodo-Jano (2,430 points)
0 votes
"Geocache" (GC40) in Belgium, like many geocachers in northern France.
The second cache that I found and which has the most favorite points is "van" Kluis tot Kookhuis ""
in the Netherlands.
answered Jan 8, 2019 by mimh_de_benetnash (1,950 points)
edited Jan 8, 2019 by mimh_de_benetnash
0 votes
We had some neat old virtuals that we had found in the PNW and in NYC as our top favorite point caches but then we did the HQGT and they now occupy the top ten spots!
answered Jan 8, 2019 by msweetnw (1,630 points)
0 votes
In plain sightTraditional CacheNetherlands Noord-Holland786 (13%
answered Jan 10, 2019 by Devlin- Brown (220 points)
0 votes

For me it's the same of many, the Geocaching Headquarters. Even though we live in Europe, it´s still our number 1.

answered Jan 10, 2019 by Aylexia (150 points)
+1 vote
Lean on me, Tuscany, currently 765 favourite points!
answered Jan 11, 2019 by Simãopwr (350 points)