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0 votes
I would like a new stats list, for number of found logs per area, to see which region/county gets the most visits.

I'm pretty sure this was possible before. Am I wrong? Is it gone, or just hidden?

Edit: To clarify, I want a list like this: but for Logs instead of caches (LogsPerArea).
in Feature requests by thomfre (1.1k points)
edited by thomfre

2 Answers

–1 vote
If you go here:

... and write your wishes, the map will show green boundaries for the areas you have found caches.

By clicking at one of the green areas it shows XX finds in XXXXXXX
by Oscar Jr (520 points)
I think I might need to clarify a bit. I want statistics showing total number of finds (from all cachers) in a region/county. Not statistics of my finds :)
–2 votes

there are now in the "Tools" section a "trend" that provides info like this it seems to me, isn't it ?

by Chup'a (11.2k points)
I don't see anything in the tools section that can show me a trend... What I want is this: but with LogsPerArea instead.