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+2 votes

Something fishy is going on with my stats. Some, maybe all of the caches I found yesterday, 2016-07-27, is registred as found 0000-00-00 in PGC.

I really like this one:

Most consecutive days without a find:735347, from -0001-12-01 to 2013-03-23ir

or this one:

Overall total finds:2483 finds in 717 caching days over 736570 total days (0.1%)

And so on...


DateIntervalGCCodeCache name
10000-00-00/images/country_flags2/png/se.pngGC5JFRTUnknown CachePlay a Game! (The Towers of Hanoi)
100000-00-000 days/images/country_flags2/png/se.pngGC5JF11Traditional CacheÅngbåtsbryggan i Sigtuna / The Steamboat jetty

I really would appreciate if someone's got the time to figure out why, because I can't. I'm using Firefox 47.0.1 as a browser.


in Support and help by Newtommon (2.9k points)
Wow, I call that an impressive streak ;-)) You're tough!

1 Answer

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Best answer
I have the same but. It looks like there has been an import problem.
Use support /self support/
Either refresh the incorrect gc codes or all your finds.
I refresh my find and the date was corrected

The incorrect caches can be fount with the url below
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
selected by Newtommon
Thanks a lot Target! I hope this will get things allright again!