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–1 vote
Caches that have matainance logs are not falling off the need help lists. This is after two weeks or more!
in Support and help by Unwinder1 (160 points)

1 Answer

+2 votes
Look at the FAQ. It can take 30 days for changes to be detected.
You can force an update from support/self support. Refresh the GC codes or all your hides
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
This isn't very user friendly.
The problem is the API groundspeek have created for geocaching.
There is not way to ask for updated caches
How does PGC (eventually) get the information?
Download all data for each cache. All logs has to be downloaded because there is no other way to detect if a log i delete.

There is 2878554 active world wide at the moment and a update every 30 days is 95951 caches per day.

I am not sure what can trigger a cache update but it is often the case if there is a new find log changes to the cache will be updated.
I am not a developer on the website and am not completly shure how it works.
The problem is that the API goundspeek has is primary for mobile apps and not creates to make it easy to download all they data
Groundspeak obviously want PGC to provide the service they do, otherwise they wouldn't grant access to the API. So why doesn't Groundspeak just forward every log action in real time to PGC? This can't be that difficult or expensive.
Good question. I am the the one to ask. I am not involved in the development on pgc or know what groundspeek plans
My guess it that the cost is to develop the of that functionality.
To try to guess groundspeeks priorities is not something i would try to di.

For example they have not added the possibility to add corrected coordinates to caches except mysts/multies even when it has been asked for multiple time for many years. It would be nice for Letterbox and Wheigo caches
It would be trivial to add because you can set the corrected coordinates with the API for all types and if set it can be can be changes on the web page regardless of cache type

Realtime is not necessary. If a query could be made to to get gc codes for changes after a time. And to get all logs for cache created/changed/delete after a time everything would be faster and they would have a lighter database load.
I might be incorrect. I have only tried the API from GSAK and talk to pgc develper.
It is now even possible to get all caches with corrected coordiantes from That is the reason for the coordinates in notes pgc detects