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0 votes
Lab caches are part of my finds pocket query and also in my statistics with FindStatGen.  What is the latest on how Project-GC is going to handle them?  Info on FAQs is over 2 years ago..
in Support and help by WanderingExplorer (7.4k points)
I apologize, I forgot I entered my lab caches in GSAK manually. Sorry for the confusion.
I have the same query and is also curious to know!! I have found 10 Lab caches and my Project-GC stats are always trailing by 10 finds.

3 Answers

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Best answer
I just downloaded my MyFinds.gpx file and I can'f find any trace of any of the lab caches I have logged in that.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (196k points)
selected by WanderingExplorer
I apologize, I forgot I entered them in GSAK manually. Sorry for the confusion.
0 votes
Lab Caches are part of My Finds PQ? Did not know that. Do you have a reference for that?
by Torsten007_Urmel (6.1k points)
I apologize, I forgot I entered them in GSAK manually. Sorry for the confusion.
–1 vote
As Lab Caches don't have a D/T Rating and are no "real" geocaches, they will not be included in PGC. And I think that is a good thing, to exclude this cache type...
by Flep98 (1.1k points)
Lab caches have DT rating if you look at the GPX you can download.
It has the value of 0 and cant be set in the lab cache builder.
It is against the comment in the XSD for goundspeaks GPX extension
I have no ide why it is include since those fields are not required in the XSD

For som stupid reason the field that usually contains the GC code contains the lab cache name. I suspect they would have been easier to integrate with other caches if they had a gc code

But they have a cache id that is the same a the GC code but in another format but with a high id number
I have found a lab cache id=1575770190 that would be gc code GC1R1NZ1C
Sorry, but a DT Rating of 0 is quite the same like no DT Rating. And reading the help Center of Groundspeak also helps:

Statistics that do not include Lab Cache finds, because Lab Caches do not include the appropriate attributes to be integrated into these statistics:

•Container Types
•Difficulty and Terrain
•Home Location Statistics
•Statistics on the Maps tab

Additionally, Lab Caches are not included in the My Finds Pocket Query (or other Pocket Queries) and will not result in any Souvenirs being awarded.